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Letter Exchange 11: Uselessness of Shia Sunni Discussions and the Article about Ayesha

The following Queries were mailed to us by a fellow visitor, student and seeker of truth. Below is an article-version of the email exchange.

  1. Your questions are based on emotions. We need to have a peaceful mind to see the real situations. We need a lot of patience to see the events which happen and we need to do a lot of home work to quote a reference as basing on these references have a lot in the way of quest for the truth. The references provided by you are in itself not whole truth. I would like to add more in this regard that on the day of judgment which we all must believe in to be a Muslim no body else would take our burden, kingdom will be of Allah , the most just. We have nothing to do on the day of judgment except to be fully occupied in worries ourselves. How can we make a judgment of who is going to heaven or hell. This is far above us. So all these questions on this topic are not justified. Most important thing for us is to do our duty as as has been told by Allah in Quran and performed by prophet Muhammad (SAW) avoiding all mutshabahat. May Allah guide we all to the right path.
  2. I am a Shia and i think the article about Ayesha on this website is good and based on ground realities. However, I also believe that the title of that article, and the tone in which you have written it, sounds hostile. Instead of attracting Sunni readers, it will make them hate the Shias more. I suggest you use the words Hazrat and (RA) with the names of Ayesha just to attract sunni readership and also change the topic of the article.


It is true, that Allah is the owner of the day of judgment, and no Muslim, or Islamic sect denies it. I or my website did not at any place, declare who will go to hell and who will to paradise, because as you pointed out, that this is the decision of Allah. But man is ordered to stop evil and promote Good. That can only be done once the good and the evil is differentiated from each other. This difference may differ from man to man. You might see something as good, which might be evil to me with respect to the amount of aql, understanding and knowledge I have.

What you say is right or what i say is wrong does not matter. Allah is Haq. If we deny the existence of a God, it will not change the facts, the Haqq. So our opinions, if coincide with the Haqq, will be of use to us. If our opinions are not even near the truth, then they are merely opinions and will be harmful for us on the day of judgment.

Allah curses Abu Lahab in the Quran.

Perdition overtake both hands of Abu Lahab, and he will perish. His wealth and what he earns will not avail him. He shall soon burn in fire that flames;
Quran [111:1-3]

The perishing of Abu Lahab is Haqq. The punishment of Abu Lahab is Haqq. If you praise Abu Lahab or pray for him, your opinion will deviate from the Haqq. Abu Lahab will remain perished, while your prayers for him will turn against you, as you denied the justice of Allah and prayed for someone, or loved someone, who Allah himself has banished.

If a person today, stands up, and starts to praise Abu Lahab, he will incur the wrath of Allah on himself too, because the person chose to love someone, or praise someone, who is cursed by Allah.

Although Abu Lahab is dead, and you will not be asked about what Abu Lahab did, if you praise and affiliate yourself with Abu Lahab, then you are accepting the deeds he did, you see no wrong with what Abu Lahab did, you will be a share in his crime.

The cartoons in Denmark are being made to insult Rasool (SAW). If a paper comes which claims that you agree and promote with this act of cartoon making, and you sign this petition, although you have no hand in making these cartoons, you will be an accomplice in this crime.

And follow not that of which you have not the knowledge; surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that.
Quran [17:36]

You were not accountable for the cartoon-making, because you did not drew them, but in your heart, you agreed with the act. You will be accountable for your heart, as quoted by the Surah above.

My point is, that if Ali (AS) is infact the imam, and the Ahlulbayt are infact the chosen people of Allah, then those who praise their enemies and killers, will join them only in the hereafter. If we are wrong, then we are merely wasting our time.

I do not know much, except for one thing. Iblees did not deny the Kalimah. Of all the creations, Iblees knows that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his last prophet, but Iblees is still the Satan. I do not know anything, but, that the people who fought against the grandson of prophet Muhammad (SAW), Imam Hussain (AS), in Kerbala, were people who used to pray Salat and keep fasts, but only he, Hur, who joined the camp of imam Hussain (AS), will be saved.

I am not judging Iblees or the army of Yazeed. I am just telling what justice and common sense denotes. If someone kills your innocent grandmother or any friend or relative, god forbid, you will believe that the person will go to hell. You are not judging that person, but infact declaring what God declares in his book, that justice will be done.

Heaven or hell is a matter of Allah, but let not our opinions deny the Haqq, and the Just qualities of Allah.

I am trying to promote unity, by making all sides know what is the concept and view, and by telling that live and let live, because in the end we are Muslims. The solution is to know, to think, to tolerate. But those who want to know why shias do not like certain people, then the answer to that lies in the facts and those I have tried to show to people, from the books of Sunnis.

Imagine! You pray 5 times a day, you keep fasts, your perform hajj, while you hate the family of the prophet, or you love the people who killed the family of the prophet, or those who innovated things in religion, or those who violated the Quran clearly. With what face will you stand before the prophet (SAW) himself, if he asks you, that you claimed to recite my Kalimah, but you loved the people and prayed for them, who slaughtered my children!

It is just a view. In the end, your views have a right to exist, as much as mine! What matters is, whose views, opinions, creed or aqeeda, coincides with Haqq, and whose is just a conjecture.

And they have no knowledge of it; they do not follow anything but conjecture, and surely conjecture does not avail against the truth at all.
Quran [53:28]

Make sure whatever you do, you have ample knowledge of it, and is not a conjecture. For conjectures do not alter the truth. Ali Mawla is a Truth.

Make sure you also read the relation between the Shia sunni discussions, and it's effect on our current society.

The purpose of the whole site, should not be taken into account due to a single article. I had made myself very clear what is the purpose; you will see a link on the main page, “1400 years later, read before you proceed”. I will appreciate if you read that work and then continue to read.

Tolerance and unity is what I aim for, and trust me, no Sunni has ever complained to me about the title of the topic. It is sarcastic, but you and I both know it is all that there is in it! If you still insist, I will change the title of the paper to whatever you suggest, if I believe it is suitable.

Did you see anywhere on SDOL, or the forum, that I have cursed, or abused, Ayesha? Infact, I have appealed to shias not to do so themselves.

I quote from that article;

However, unnecessary abuse, specially infront of people who respect Ayesha, is also damaging to Islam and is not the way of the Shia. Every one has a right to choose, to make his pick. Those who love Ayesha are free to do so and we respect that. Those who do not, should start respecting that. Abusing/Cursing Ayesha will not take you to heaven. Loving Ali will. And if our disliking Ayesha is a part of this love, then verily, following the path of Ali (AS) and his teachings is a bigger part of this love. - Ayesha's Role In Islam

This should have made everything clear to every reader. I do not curse or abuse Ayesha. And I will not put “hz” and “RA” before and after her name. The reason being, “RA” means, Allah may pleased with them. If you do me some good, I will Pray to Allah to give you success and be happy with you, because you have done good to me. If you kidnap a girl, loot her and rape her, then kill her, and if after seeing all of it, I pray to Allah to be happy with you, I believe I will incur Allah’s wrath on myself as well, because,

  1. I doubted the justice of Allah.
  2. Allah made it clear that those who “Sin” and the “zaalimeens” will be punished. Who am I to tell Allah to be good to them , for their evil? It is against my nature.

If I love my grandmother, and some one comes and kills my grandmother, spilling innocent blood, does sanity, justice and piety dictate that I should pray for God’s mercy on that killer? I hope you believe the answer is no.

That is why, if I do not disrespect Ayesha, I choose not to respect her also and pray for her knowing her actions.

I belong to the group, who pray that May Allah have mercy on the friends and lovers of Ali (AS), may Allah curse those who hate and are enemies of Ali (AS). I hope you belong to this camp. Even if you do not, I do not wish to hurt your feelings, but I will definitely want a justification for why to use “hz” and “RA” for Ayesha.

I will also like to know, from an Islamic and academic point of view, what is the significance of “Hz” and “RA”, and who used it first in history, for whom, and who are qualified to be used with!

The status, honor and dignity of a mother is always significant. But we all miss the point when we read about Ummul momineen. Islam does not see an adopted son as a real son. The merits, the rights of the two are different. Your real mother, deserve your respect, your honor, your love. The word ummul momineen is no merit for any wife of Rasool (SAW), except that the permission to marry them has been taken away! Abu Bakr was a Muslim. Was Ayesha Abu bakr's mother too if you take things literally? All Sunni and wahabi scholars have agreed that Ayesha is the mother of the believers, and you can replace these words by, a woman who you can never marry! Why is then Ayesha (only Ayesha) emphasized to be the true mother of every Muslim, when your rights on her and her rights on you are no where near what a real mother and you have in between yourselves?

Having said that, if your real mother burnt the Quran someday and spat on Rasool’s (SAW) name (god forbid, I just used an example to put you In a situation where the real love of a momin is first and foremost for the prophet), how will you react and deal with your real mother? Having a non believing mother is a different case. You can live in a kaafirs environment, and be tolerant, you have the duty to convince the people to Islam through your character! But what about an environment where people abuse you and your religion, or attack your religious place?

I mean, you are a Muslim, if your father is a non muslim, you can continue to love and respect him and attract him towards Islam through your love, respect and character. But if you are fighting a battle for Islam (in it’s true sense), and your father fights for the nonbelievers against you, then your sword will have to forget the respect you owe to your father. This is the true strength a believer owes to Islam.

Ayesha, is not a literal mother. Secondly, what ever she did, she earns a dissociation from us. I am not telling any one to go out and abuse her, curse her, or ruin her dignity. I am just telling the people what was Ayesha’s role in Islam, and why do we dislike taking her name in our gatherings.

That is all. We all desire unity brother, but why do the shias have to leave everything in order to unify. There is a group on the rise now, who uses a “RA” with the name of Yazeed (lanatallah). Should we accept them and their feelings and let them do that and unite with them? Our duty was to convey the facts, and I am sure I have done that without involvement of any emotions, or any disrespecting words for Ayesha.

If I have done so, please guide me and I will rectify it, because the purpose of SDOL is not to disrespect and abuse anyone. I am sorry if anything I wrote above hurt your feelings, but I assure you, my intentions are totally the opposite.

Incase you did not know, SDOL is sponsored by a Sunni brother.

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