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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Fourteen Hundred Years Later

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Fourteen hundred years ago, Muhammad ibn Abdullah conveyed the message of Islam to people who were engaged in tribal warfare, idol worshipping, pagan activities and social injustice.

The Prophet (SAW) unified the tribes as one nation, eliminated idol worship and promoted equality of everyone in the eyes of Allah and in the eyes of Law.

Today, we are Muslims, or should I say, born in Muslim families. And today, we stand again in different tribes, tribes which we call sects in modern age. Today, we worship money, power and our desires. Today, our society stands as a prime example of social injustice, where the rich and powerful can get away after breaking the severest of the laws while the poor will be severely punished for just being poor and helpless. Did I forget to mention that we are Muslims?

Assume you are driving a car, and a brand new Civic hits you from behind. Inside the car are 3 huge men, richly dressed and following their vehicle are their armed security personnel. Given that the Civic is at fault, how will you honestly react? Then assume a similar scenario, but replace the lavish Civic and their guards with a 1970s motorcycle driven by a physically weak and poorly dressed boy! How will you react?

 I think we all know the answer.

Let us put a twist in the plot. You are a Sunni and your very long beard reflects it. You are hit by another car and he turns out to be a long bearded man too. How will you react? Now replace the driver of the other car (which hit you) by a man who has Ya Ali Madad written on his shirt. Now how will you react?  

I think, we again know the answer.

We are Muslims but we follow what we were taught by our parents or our teachers during our childhood.

And if Allah had pleased He would surely have made them (mankind) a single community, but He makes whom He pleases enter into His mercy, and the unjust it is that shall have no guardian or helper.
Quran [42:8]

We fail to realize the fact that diversity is a will of God. Christians have their learned men, Hindus have their learned men, Jews have their holy books and Muslims have theirs.

We read in history how Prophet (SAW) and his helpers bravely fought the disbelievers in many battles, and we willfully overlook how Prophet (SAW) signed peace treaties with the Jewish tribes of Medina after migration. We read in Quran how great Jihad is in the eyes of Allah and his Prophet, and we willfully overlook how mending your own ways and fighting against your own evil is greater. Maybe because it is very easy to kill someone in the name of religion, but it is very hard to leave alcohol if you are an addict.

We call each other kaafirs. We have created our own heaven and our own hell. We offer Salat and we believe we will enter paradise while if the other differs in their views from us, he is worthy of hell. To bring the judgment closer, we blow ourselves up in mosques and ImamBargas. We are not tolerant enough and neither are we knowledgeable enough to answer others about our beliefs and guide others to the Quran. Infact we are not even sure about our own beliefs. We blindly follow what our parents did and what is taught in mosques and madressahs by men who are often illiterate, ignorant and spread extremism.

Surely this Islam is your religion, one religion (only), and I am your Lord, therefore serve Me. And they broke their religion (into sects) between them: to Us shall all come back. Therefore whoever shall do of good deeds and he is a believer, there shall be no denying of his exertion, and surely We will write (It) down for him.
Quran [21:92-94]

But they cut off their religion among themselves into sects, each part rejoicing in that which is with them.Therefore leave them in their overwhelming ignorance till a time.
Quran [23:53-54]

It is true that Quran orders us not to divide our religion into parts, but unfortunately, no sect believes it’s a part of Islam, everyone believes that they are the actual Islam. We are Shias, Sunnis, wahabis, deobandis, agakhanis, ismailis.. did I forget any one? We are tribes. We are sects but we claim to be the actual version of Islam and not a sect. So how can we not divide ourselves into sects today? We should stop pointing fingers at others about their “sect” and remember that Islamic brotherhood is above all. If we help some one, we should not see we are helping a shia or a sunni but that we are helping a muslim, a human. If we pray salat in a mosque it should not matter whose mosque is it, for prayer is for Allah only.

If I love the color blue, it doesn't mean that my brother should love the color blue as well. I personally have my views against Mawiya and Ayesha and Umer, but I do not go around abusing them just because I Claim to love Ali (AS). It is very easy to abuse someone but it is very hard to follow Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Imam Ali (AS).

My Shia brethren should note that Imam Ali (AS) fought Mawiya, while Imam Hassan (AS) signed a peace treaty with the same man. I am not arguing if Mawiya was good or bad. That is another issue. The point raised is that if Prophet (SAW) could live peacefully with the Jews of Medina until they broke the treaty, and if Imam Hassan could sign a peace treaty with Mawiya, why cannot we live together in peace and harmony with the non-shias? Is it neccessary to go to their forums and abuse people they respect? Shouldn't it be more important to tell them why you do not respect the people they respect?  

We should respect each others views and our religious beliefs should be a source of inspiration to bring us together and strengthen Islam rather than cause hatred. Aggression and extremism  exists in every religion and every sect. Ignorance is the cause. Until we separate emotion from intellect, we  will continue to bark at each other with only one outcome, bloodshed.

We have Afghanistan in front of us, where a certain group of men took advantage of people’s poverty and lack of resources. People there, who could not even afford a personal copy of Quran, relied on men who manipulated their thought process and used them, teaching them how honorable it is to kill and fight in the name of Allah, kill men who even prostrate to Allah in a mosque. We should be ashamed if we let similar men do the same thing to us, even after we have money, time and resources.

Why not madressahs of India spread the extremist version of Islam? Why don’t Muslims there fight and kill each other calling each other Kaafirs? Because we have been manipulated for political reasons. I will not go into conspiracy theories and blame a certain group of politicians and army personnel. 

It is time we live and let live. It is time we respect one another’s views and change our thought process. It is time we realize who the real enemy is. No, the real enemy is not America or the Jews, the real enemy is the ignorance amongst us and the animal within us.

  • An animal attacks only those who are weaker and an easy prey. (Remember the car example above). If you are a man, then stand up for your right, for the right, even if you face an army of thousands.
  • An animal attacks and harms other animals who do not belong to his species. If you are a man, learn to respect the differences you have with some one else. Accept diversity as a will of God.
  • An animal eats and sleeps, hunts for prey and mates, reproduces. This is their lifecycle. Be a man. Thank Allah for what you have to eat and for the shelter you have to sleep under. Earn a rightful living. Marry a woman of your choice rather than indulging in non Islamic activities. Use your resources and make your life useful for some one else.

These are they who disbelieve in the communications of their Lord and His meeting, so their deeds become null, and therefore We will not set up a balance for them on the day of resurrection.
Quran [18:105]

It is time to be a man, for only men will be accountable at the day of the judgment. Accountability is not for animals (men who are animals). They are understood to be incapable of showing intellectual response and thus are doomed. They don’t require to be judged by the balance.

I appeal to people who follow or claim to follow the Imams of the Ahlulbayt, stop abusing and cursing. If you really love Muhammad (SAW) wa Aal e Muhammad (AS) and hate there enemies, then show it through your actions, your actions of doing good and as you have been told by them. Use your character to attract the people towards the real teachings of Prophet (SAW) rather than proving you are no good than a foul abuser. Fear Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

I appeal to people who follow the way of the Companions and love everyone of them, please continue to do as you feel is right, but also give the other the liberty to choose as he wishes to. Stop calling each other kaafirs and stop spreading lies about the other. Fear Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Finally, why did I come up with this website? Fourteen hundred years later, with all the relevant personalities dead or physically absent, what good is it to argue over the past?

  1. I and some people believe that loving Prophet (SAW) and his ahlulbayt is a part of faith. We deserve a right to justify our beliefs.
  2. Quran contains stories of the past Prophets, stories of Musa (AS), Adam (AS), Ibrahim (AS), repeated many times. What purpose does it serve when they had died long ago? Lessons are to be learnt. In school, you are taught the basics of mathematics and you are given solved examples so you can learn. In the examination, you are given questions to solve. These are not the questions which you were taught in the class, but the basics and the logic is similar. You have to use the basics and solve the test. Those who believe life is a test, it is time to take some lessons from the stories of old.
  3. The only way to end the arguments is to discuss peacefully. This website will provide the required platform.
  4. We all agree on the authenticity of Prophet (SAW). But after his demise, we are not sure who to follow, who is the authority over Religion. Thus it is important to derive our religious rulings from the right sources after the demise of Prophet (SAW). To find the authentic source, it is important to refer to the Quran and authentic history.
  5. Changing the thought process of our generation is very important. Instead of cursing and abusing and fighting, it is important to know why do people behave in a way they do. It is important to respect each others beliefs.

We must now realize that we are Muslims and it does not guarantee us paradise. We are Muslims and we have a duty, to portray our character as such that the non Muslims are forced to believe that we really are the followers of the man who preached Peace. We must teach the true spirit and essence of Islam to people who are deprived of sources and finances. We must make them realize that memorizing the Quran in Arabic is not what it was revealed for. Understanding it and practicing it is the real deal. We must make the people realize that we all are answerable for our own deeds. We must make the people realize that working for social justice is our duty and no one should be wronged. We must feed a poor family and realize that it is more important than performing Hajj a hundred times. We must save ourselves from common sins or the norms of a society, such as Riba, alcohol, adultery, pornography etc.

We are very quick in beating a poor man who steals the slipper from outside the mosque, but do we have the guts to bring the tribal leaders of balochistan and Vaderas of sindh to justice, who have been abusing and raping the women of poor villagers for decades now?

Please unite and stand up against oppression rather than making plans to invade America and spreading Islam there. Charity begins at home. Rectify the version of Islam you have at home, then feel free to spread it through the sharpness of your nobility and character.

At the end of the day, you can still believe what you believe. Let others believe what they believe.

If any article in this website is against your beliefs, then note that I did not intend so, I only intend to spread the words of Quran and the hidden facts of History.

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