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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

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شیعہ مبادیات: اب اردو میں بھی
Doktrin shia; Sekarang Dalam Bahasa Melayu

For a collection of various articles regarding Shia and Sunni issues, backed by history, Ahadith and the Quran, visit The Shia Doctrine and spread the word. You are always free to have your own opinion. I do not deal here with what an individual believes. It is about the school of thought of the Ahlulbayt. So act accordingly, act sincerely, and know, that our loyalty lies with Muhammad (SAW) and his blessed Ahlulbayt. Ignorance is Bliss. You do not know, you are not accountable, but once you do, either rectify yourself, or rectify us.

In three Languages:
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Food for thought if you may call it. Short and to the point. In a time where man is heedless and lacks time to think, these suggestions may catalyze the thought process, because it is the thought only which differentiates man from animal. Visit Propositions.


You are welcome to participate in our discussion forum. Everyone has their own views and opinions. Everyone is free to have their own views. Ignorance is the root of extremism. To have a say on any issue, feel free to visit our forum and post. Let us put an effort to end all arguments.

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A coin always has two sides. How can you judge when you do not know both the sides of a story? Verily, if you are sincere in your search, Allah gives you the power to realize, and differentiate, the Facts or Haqq, from Conjectures or opinions. Visit Apropos Of to see our answers to various articles throughout the web which spread misconceptions, hatred and their perspective without knowing our stand.


Here is a collection of letters with our visitors on various topics. This feature sheds light on the type of queries Shias/Sunnis have. They maybe yours as well. If not, then write to us and Inshallah, we will either clarify your confusion, or accept our mistake. Read The Mail Box Letters and write to us. It is better to verify before we believe anything.


We boast the Only Alphabetical Quran on the Internet. For more material, please visit our Downloads section.

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