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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Fate Accompli; Why Argue after a Millennium

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ترجمے کے لئے یہاں جائیں


Past is Past. As the French say, Fate Accompli, what is gone is gone, nothing can be done about it. Abu Bakr did not give Fatima (AS) her right. If so, he will be punished. What good is discussing about things, which occurred 1400 years ago, will it do? We have corruption and poverty on the rise in our country. How can shia Sunni debates end that and contribute to the society. It is only a wastage of time.

This piece of paper, is an attempt to clarify your misconceptions and giving you a clearer view of the political turmoil in Pakistan , it�s comparison with the past, specially to that of Mawla Ali, the purpose of SDOL and it�s comparison with mullahism and wastage of time, and the feeling of uselessness attributed to it.

Firstly, the arguments against me have always been a waste. Because they are for something, which I already believe in. The importance of actions. But these arguers ignore what this all is about, the importance of faith. You are willing to ignore faith, in order to compensate for moral, ethical and just values. Do you believe these values can be achieved if faith is not rectified or clarified? And Do you believe that Islam does not hold the key to the answer of every problem which one faces today? I will discuss it further though.

Let us come back to the role model, Hz Ali (AS), as agreed, that he is the role model after Rasool (SAW). Shias follow him, thus they are shias. Sunnis believe that all companions are like stars, thus following any companion is recommended. Why not Ali then? So following Ali (AS) is a unanimous decision.

Mawla Ali rejected the caliphate after Umer because he did not want to follow the sunnat of sheikheyns, which meant that he disagreed with their policies also! Mawiya was the governor of Syria for 17 years, elected under Umar! Did not Mawiya (the cursed) plunder the public treasury then? Why was Ali (AS) silent? Why did not Ali (AS) raise a voice against Mawiya when he was not in power, when Umer was in power, when usman was in power?

Why did Ali (AS) fight against Mawiya, only when he came to power? I think you have the answer infront of you. Until you are not given the power by the public, you do not have any right to rectify the government.

I said it before and I repeat, if Mawla Ali (AS) was not given the caliphate by the people after usman, Siffin would never had occurred. Silence would have been his way and he would have lived that way.

Imam Hassan (AS), allowed Mawiya to remain the caliph. He (AS) chose to let the same corrupt man have the government, the same man his father fought till he was martyred eventually! Did imam Hassan (AS) commit a grave crime? By strengthening the political situation of a corrupt person? According to your thought approach, he did!

You fail to realize, that for the betterment of the Muslims, for the safety of the Muslims and the Ahlulbayt, Imam Hassan (AS) signed a pact with Mawiya, even if it meant relinquishing caliphate to him. Rasool (SAW) signed Hudaibya with the same people he had fought for 6 years and Umer thought Rasool (SAW) was making a mistake. This point was just made to say that giving Mawiya the caliphate, being termed as a mistake, will be only by he who has a limited far sightedness.

Coming to Yazeed (the cursed), the pearl in the crown of Wahabis! Did not Imam Hussain (AS) ask for being let go into exile into the subcontinent? Didn�t this prove that Imam (AS) did not intend to fight, and if given the opportunity, would choose to quit the peninsula, rather than fight or give oath to Yazeed (the cursed). Imam would not recognize Yazeed (the cursed) as a rightful leader. Yazeed (the cursed) would still remain a leader if he allowed the Imam his liberty to not recognize him but still be a part of Arabia. The movement of Imam Hussain (AS) started with the consent of the people, ie the kufans, and with their backing away, Imam chose to go into self exile, speaking on ground realities only and not the spiritual aspects of Kerbala.

So when Imam Ali (AS) remained silent, until he was given the authority to represent the people, by the people, why do you, who claims to follow his footsteps, why do you want to over throw the government when you have no authority to do so, neither are you a member of any political party in the assembly!!

When you are made the leader, you are at liberty to implement social justice. Until then, until people choose you, your duty is to start from a scratch, strengthen the foundations of society, in a way you see. Improve yourself, help the people around you, your family, your neighborhood, because this is what the society comprises of and from this society comes the government.

However, I was saddened by the fact that you failed to see how my �mullahism� was contributing. Firstly, you see Ali (AS) as a role model! People don�t. People who see Abu Bakr, Umer, Usman, Mawiya, even Yazeed, as their role models, what do you expect them to do?

Khalid bin waleed was a great military tactician, but a pathetic Muslim. Maybe this is why, the governments, today and in the past, build good roads and clear the sewerage lines, but did everything else which was not to be done!

Abu Bakr was the head of the state, and he had the right to allot any land to anyone, and take away any land from anyone, remember Fadak? Maybe that is what the head of states are doing today also, because they see him as a role model.

Usman plundered public treasury. Sunnis accept this and this was the reason for which he was murdered in his house, by Sahabis cum Muslims! Why do you complaint against people who see him as a rightful caliph and a role model?

Umar was a strict administrator. He brought islamization, and spread Islam on the tip of the sword! You should not have any complaint against him, who sees this man as his role model, and blows up churches until they become mosques, and who brings his own version of Shariah and tries to implement it on people around us.

He who can say Yazeed (RA), and with thousands of people following him, what do you expect from people who do so? Recite Quran, read namaz!! And then do everything else what Yazeed (the cursed) did?

The mission is not to abuse or waste time arguing about the past. The mission is, to make people realize who the true role models are, and why! Because when you fail to do so, how will you implement them on your lives?

SDOL does not speak against Sunnis or wahabis! Every one has their grave, I do not have a headache to convert all thought processes the way I see things. A major part of the articles is an appeal to shias also to read and think with an open mind! Unfortunately, most people do not understand English! But the struggle is a struggle. If one person changes his mind, then SDOL is successful. Because with a single drop of water, does a sea come into existence.

You, friends of Pakistan, want to establish the rule of Fatamids, after overthrowing the Abbasids! We, the SDOL, are sitting back in silence and enjoy the dog fight rather be a part of it.

Fortunately, our imamat does not end at Kerbala. The imams after Imam Hussain (AS) spent their lives in prisons, and did not support military movements against tyrant governments from the likes of Zaid and ibn zubair and Nafs Ammara etc. Our imams, preached people, touched them through character and strengthened their faith. Because until an individual changes his thought process, the government will not. After all, the Government comes from amongst the people.

Zakat and Khums is the answer to Poverty. Can you apply that by force? Or will you change the thought process by telling them what the true essence of Islam is?

You sir, are promoting feudalism in the name of democracy. Why use a system which your nation fails to understand? Will people vote to PML without the sharifs? Will people vote the PPP without the Bhuttos? Did Benazir have the right to nominate her son as the leader of the party without the consent of the people, if that is what democracy is all about? This is the feudal culture of Pakistan, now under the cover of democracy. You are supporting tribalism, with a different name to it.

What you think as a wastage of time, and useless, such as talking about the past, will stand the test of time, and will stand out, even after no government exists. If one person implements �Islam� on him, its effects will be everlasting on the society. If this version of Islam is taken from the likes of the purified Rasool (SAW), and Ahlulbayt (AS), it becomes "shiaism".

People are biased today, power hungry today. Making a mistake is human, and making the same mistake again is stupidity. I did not bring Musharaf to government, I did not vote for PML Q. And I will not vote for PPP or PML N etc, people who we have already been tested, rejected and are brought again.

The poor have always existed in all times, all countries, all cultures, all religions, all sects. The wicked have and will always exist, the ignorant and the extremist will do do. Democracy will not end it. Education will. You opt for democracy, I opt for education.

Unfortunately, you see education as a thing of past, what cannot be changed. I hope that with time, you realize what you are missing on.

Not to forget that I will not touch the religious aspect of everything, the Islamic concept, that faith is useless without actions, and actions are useless without faith.

An atheist helping a poor man will be better than a Muslim killing an innocent! Because only that Muslim can kill, who has no faith in religion, who failed to understand religion. Is it not better to make a Muslim understand what religion is, rather than introducing him to democracy, something which is a western make?

If a war against people who do not give zakat is appreciatable (as Abu Bakr waged war on Zakat defaulters), then you should have no arguments against people, who blow themselves up everywhere, because they are at war against people, who do not pray Salat the way they want to, or who watch movies or drive cars!

I repeat, democracy will not kill poverty, a just ruler and a just system will. An individual person will, when he realizes what was the mission of Hussain and Ali (AS), what was the message of Rasool (SAW). How do you expect to produce a just ruler out of democracy, when the voters, and the nominees, all are ignorant, hypocrites, biased and unjust themselves?

Whose approach was better, only time will tell! My talks are not for Shias. Shias can will not be the ones who judge, but will also be judged on the day of Resurrection. I talk about Shiaism and it�s fundamentals.

Just to highlight, although I am highly not in favor of them, but as they might appeal to your thought, I would like to mention them. A �shia� Iran has a stable economy and is standing up against a �villainous� America. A �Shia� Hezbollah have taken stand against the Jews. Shia movements against the Umayyad in the past have never been highlighted. You must be aware of the mukhtar movement, but not the Tawabun movement.

Shias of Pakistan are as much against Musharaf today, as much Sunnis or wahabis are, which is foolishness. The problem with shias is that their thought approach is limited. Thy vote for MQM because it is a shia thing, they vote for Bhutto because she has an Alam on her house. Shias believe in Qalander because they have a religous label. Every Shia loves Iran, because it has a Shia Label. This is stupidity in itself. Political views should not be intermingled with religions!

I do not support Musharaf. I have the right , and I will use it, to enjoy whenever I read news about how our leaders who vow to restore judiciary get smitten in the face! If our judiciary is not capable of giving the poor it�s right, the slave women of feudal lords their right, the oppressed their right (the proof that many many cases against women and poor happen every day in rural areas, and even in urban, where the rich manipulate things with money), then our judiciary deserves a boot to the ass, and it deserves to be baton charged, and it deserves to leave their jobs and join rallies, shouting lame slogans!

People who treat Kerbala as their school will think twice before oppressing anyone or blowing themselves up with a bomb. It is they who have Yazeediyat in their blood, who stop women from going to schools, who enforce their thoughts on others at the tip of their guns.

Imams after Kerbala did not take out any rallies, or organize any political movements against the tyrant caliphs of their times. The imams touched the people, and gave them a  power of realization as to what Islam expected the true believers to do. It was this strategy which proved  more dangerous for the governments, and caused the tyrants to poison the Imams in prison.

We today, lack this power of realization. We need to realize who the real role models are, following who will be the betterment for Islam and humanity. And to find that out we need to visit a time 1400 years earlier. What you consider as an argument, waste of time, we consider as a school and lessons-to-be-learnt.

You must not forget that Quran majorly consists of stories of the past nations and prophets. The purpose is to learn from them. Or should we "Fate-accompli" the Quran as well according to your thought?

I swear by the time, Most surely man is in loss, Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth, and enjoin on each other patience.
Quran [103:1-3]

What is the truth? Refer to Mubahila as to know what is the Truth and who are the truthful ones. What is believing? We all recite the Kalmiah but do we believe in Allah? Do we trust him and his protection as well as guidance? Do we believe in the Risalat of Rasool (SAW) or see him as a dead man already? Do we believe in the Mawlayiat of Mawla Ali (AS) or we see it as just another academic discussion?

Everyone is in a loss, except those who Believe, do Good enjoin on each other the truth and patience.

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