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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

What Am I Worth 4; High Risks High Returns

" In the original Proposition What Am I Worth, a Man's worth is assessed in the light of the fact that Allah had created the day, the night, the sun and the moon, the wind and the cattle, all for us humans.

In continuation to the proposition, What Am I Worth 2 (Too) we see that we are worth taking pride in ourselves irrespective of our shortcomings, because Prophet (SAW) was one of us, a human.

In the subsequent proposition, What Am I Worth 3; Worth Investing? we see that Allah invests in us irrespective of who we are and our worth is equal to the return we give (to the society).

Here, we continue the investment but reciprocate what relation we made in the 3rd proposition, from investment from Allah into people, to now, investment by people in Allah.

Those familiar with financing are familiar with the terms market, asset and risk. The asset is an economic resource used to produce value. Market is the arena where commercial transactions take place. Risk is the level of uncertainty. Higher the uncertainty, higher the risk. Higher the risk, higher will be the return.

Although we invest our assets in a financial market because of the tangible gains we see and expect, we are poor investors in the spiritual market.

There, your health, wealth, children, life, property, honor, is your asset. This life, is the market where assets are invested or traded for a return. Life as we know it, is surrounded by an infinite variables; weather, people, wealth, health, accidents, incidents, external factors, external forces, and so on. These variables make every moment of life uncertain and therefore this uncertainty is the risk.

The highest risk to us, in the spiritual market, is believing in the Tauheed of Allah, Tawaqal, trusting Allah as our guardian. Because we have not seen Allah, felt Allah but have only been educated about him by our elders, we have a sense of insecurity. We do not trust Allah when he himself has promised to protect the believers. That is why even when we pray to Allah, we still worry which shows how familiar we are with the risk of leaving our matter to Allah. We are uncertain.

But at the same time, honorable men have taken this risk. It was this investment (of trust in Allah) with which Ibrahim (AS) risked his life and jumped in the fire, and with which Ibrahim (AS) sliced the neck of his son Ismail (AS). It is this investment that Nuh (AS) made a boat in a desert. It is this investment that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stood alone against the mighty clans of Pagan Arabia. It is this investment where that Imam Ali (AS) slept on the (death) bed of Prophet (SAW) on the night of Hijrah. It was this investment with which Imam Hussain (AS) risked his sons, brothers, women, himself and brought them infront of corrupted and ruthless state.

No wonder Allah, his angels and all of the believers send salutations on Muhammad (SAW) and His Progeny (AS), the same way they send salutations on Ibrahim (AS) and his progeny (AS). When Allah "returns" with the remembrance of his investors in the form of Hajj and Azadari, the human mind just stands shellshocked at the magnitude and zeal of such commemorations and how the system of Allah is far above any system man wants to establish. 

And (Surah 37 Ayah 108) Allah perpetuated (praise) to him among the later generations. And (Surah 37 Ayah 131), thus does Allah reward the doers of good."

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