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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

What Am I Worth?

"Allah created, of all the things, you and me, he created man. He did not leave it at that, but gave us sustenance and shelter even when we could not protect ourselves, he completed his bounties on us by giving us our senses, hands, eyes, the power to make choices and the power to dream.

He made the stars to guide me at night (Quran 6:97), and my mate so that I could love (Quran 7:189), and my sustenance for my survival (Quran 15:20), and cattle to carry my load and feed me and cloth me (Quran 16:5), and the rain to give me drink (Quran 16:10), and the sea to provide me with ornaments and flesh (Quran 16:14), and the fruit so that I can obtain goodly provision from it (Quran 16:67), and my shelter (Quran 16:80), and the night so that i can rest peacefully (Quran 25:47).

When the creator has provided me with countless bounties, I must think why, for he does not create in vain.

Am i worth destroying my life in lust of flesh and love of men and women, careers, fighting over property,  or am I worth getting myself killed for tyrants and fraud politicians?

Man was surely not created to be enslaved by other men or by his own desires, or to plan for careers or usurp someone else's rights, and to think that man will never die.

Man is worth making another man's life, and understanding the system of Allah, unlocking his secrets by his will, by creating and innovating through improvisation, sacrificing everything for Allah's and his prophet's (SAW) right and eventually submitting to his might after realizing that man is only but insignificant until Allah is by his side. "

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