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What Am I Worth 2 (Too)

"It is a misconception and we believe that man is the best of the creations, the Ashraful Makhluqat. The Quran does not state so.

However, it does state that Allah has made man excel by an appropriate excellence over most of his creations as per (17:70). The Quran also states that man is created in the best make (95:4), however your interpret it.

Indeed man is an excellent creation. Unlike many others, man can communicate with one another in different comprehensible and systematic modes. Unlike others, man can create and innovate such as the scientific wonders of our times. Unlike others, man is given Aql and has the power to differentiate the haq from the Baatil. Man has both what angels and animals do not.

As Mawla Ali (AS) said, Allah endowed angels with intellect without desire, animals with desire without intellect, and man with both of them. So he whose intellect manages to conquer his desire is better than the angels, and he whose desires overcome his intellect is lower than the animals.

It is sufficient to take pride in us being men, and it is a sufficient proof that a man is the most excellent of creations of Allah, that Rasool (SAW) was a man. In his (SAW) life, we find the essence of being a man; feeding the orphan and the needy, helping the neighbor, making efforts to earn a living, respecting the elders, loving the young, accepting religious and cultural diversity, forgiveness, chivalry and nobility, kindness in speech and modesty in behavior, submitting to Allah and fighting in his way.

We are worth having pride in ourselves, and as Imam Hussain (AS) said, we are worth paradise, therefore we should not sell ourselves for anything lesser than that.

Would you trade a body which is beautiful but has been willfully exposed to the sinning eyes of forbidden men, with a mind which is beautiful and has been willfully exposed to the pleasure found in worship of Allah and understanding of his Tauheed?

We maybe tall or short, thin or fat, beautiful or ugly, strong or weak, but we have something in us what others may not have. Its just a matter of realizing the same.

We are worth having pride in ourselves as we are, as long as we strive to improve our moral weaknesses, because Allah has created us this way and this is how he willed us to be. Being tall or short is not in our hands, but thanking Allah for the experience of life he bestowed on us, is. "

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