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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Blind And The Seeing Are Not Alike 3

" In the original piece The Blind and the seeing are not alike, we discussed how the 6 blind men argued about the elephant all thinking themselves to be correct, but all missing the complete picture, as a parable to all of us who are also blinded by our desires and egos.

In the second piece The Blind and the seeing are not alike 2, we discussed how those who are blinded loose their ability to see and realize what wrong they have committed and have a justification for every sin and mistake they make.

Here, we must appreciate the power of seeing as a faculty that has been bestowed on us. My eye gives rise to my desire. I am happy and satisfied on the road driving my car, but the moment i see another luxurious car on the road, my heart becomes restless as i would like to have that car for myself as well.

A more simpler example is of my kids, who have a happy day, until they visit a toy shop and see all sort of toys they do not have and are not allowed to have. It is then their happiness turns to grief as before seeing the toys in the toyshop they did not have the desire for the same.

Same goes for us looking at beautiful women. If we do not lower our gaze, the seeing gives rise to desires irrespective if we have 1 wife or 400 wives.

The social media now shows to all of us, what others have and we dont, whether it is food, travel, family, success etc. Looking at this information has given rise to desires in us that were not in us before this.

If only we could see paradise, we would have longed for it so much that we would be waiting for our death despite having every luxury of life made available to us.

If only we could see God, we would have feared his accountability such that we would not usurp the right even of an ant. As Mawla Ali (AS) said, he does not worship a God that he does not see (through his faculties including the faculty of seeing (which observes such a precise, systematic and designed creation)). No wonder Imam Ali (AS) said if he was given the gold as heavy as the mountain of Uhud, he would still not steal the food of grain from the mouth of the ant which was rightfully the ants, because he can "see" the accountability of Allah."

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