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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Blind And The Seeing Are Not Alike

" When we look at our politicians today and the illegal wealth they have amassed, or when we hear about people who raped a child and then killed them, we often think to ourselves of how could these people not have fear of Allah and how could they not remember their own death? For surely if they had both they would not have committed such heinous crimes.

The truth is, they were blinded by their desires and thus they could not see what you could, because from a vantage point  where you did not experience their desires, you could see in your mind the eventual end such criminals will face in the court of the Maalik Yaum Ad Deen.

We are all humans and all of us have desires, it is natural to have them. But the moment we are blinded by our desire, is the moment where we enslave ourselves to them and they will destroy the good in ourself. And then we tend to justify every action of ours. Trust me, the corrupt politicians have a reason for why they have plundered public property to accumulate billions of rupees. CNN published the interview of the man who had raped the indian in the bus before killing her and he had a justifiable reason in his mind to do so.

As the Quran states, the people of Lut (AS) were "Blindly wandering on in their intoxication".

Only corrupt politicians and murderers are not the only one blinded by their desires. In our every day life, of desire to have a good career, we often cross the ethical  and moral limits of back biting our colleagues, envying what others get and fawning our bosses and superiors.  In our every day life, of desire to have the "boyfriend or girlfriend" of our choice, we disobey our parents, fight with our families, cross the limits between Na-Mehrams, elope and even kill ourselves or others just because we could not be together with those we desired and loved. But because we are blinded we cannot see.

Allah had taken away sight from the pharaoh, and so he enslaved, and killed and toiled throughout his life for his own zaat and for his own power. Allah had given sight to Ibrahim (AS) and his children (AS), and they gave away everything for the sake of Islam (From Badr to Kerbala and beyond), including their sons and their lives and their property.

It is to be an animal to let your desires blind you. Tigers are ferocious and mighty and they imagine themselves to be unconquerable. They do not realize that a small boy with a machine gun can kill them from a safe distance because they think themselves to be kings of their land. It is their instinct which blinds them and thus getting killed. After all it is an animal. As Mawla Ali (AS) said, a man who lets his intellect conquer his emotion becomes an angel, and who lets his emotions conquer his intellect becomes an animal. "

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