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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Look Before You Preach 2

" In the original proposition Look before You Preach, cardinal rules of discussions without biases were discussed and how the intent to argue  must be subdued before the effort to discuss a subject matter starts.

Surah Asr (103:3) has clearly stated that every one is in loss, all mankind, religions, genders and sects, who do not enjoin each other on truth and patience. Preaching hence is the fundamental obligation on all believers once they believe and do good (and practice what they like to preach).

Imam Jaffar (AS) Ibn Imam Baqir (AS) stated very simple rules of engagement.

1. Make sure when we are "preaching" we eliminate (or minimize) the use of our tongue. In so many words, we must not use our words to preach, but our behavior, ethics, morals and character should be self explanatory and influence the people around us.

2. Implement what we know. Morals and Islamic principles are not sophisticated. There are people who leave the world in search for God and Nirvannah, for guidance etc. The way of Islam is simple. We must by all means enforce and implement what we know. We know lying is forbidden, we must not lie. We know usury is waging a war with the Prophet (SAW), we must not usur. We know mistreating the orphans and the poor is cursed, we must treat them properly.

Surah 57 Verse 27 talks about monasticism or monkery (celibacy and the way of life of the priests).

"In their wake, We sent a succession of Our Messengers, and raised Jesus, son of Mary, after all of them, and bestowed upon him the Evangel, and We set tenderness and mercy in the hearts of those that followed him. As for monasticism, it is they who invented it; We did not prescribe it for them. They themselves invented it in pursuit of Allah's good pleasure, and then they did not observe it as it ought to have been observed. So We gave their reward to those of them that believed. But many of them are wicked."

The Quran is not irritated at the fact that it was self invented and self imposed by the Christians as their intent was to please Allah. The disgust of the Quran is at the fact that they could not observe properly, what they themselves had invented as a concept. They knew monasticism (despite being self created), they could not implement it in letter and spirit.

How will Allah not be disgusted then at some one who does not implement in letter and spirit what he knows he needs to implement in himself? Where will our preachers go who preach the good to the world, but their character is void of basic morals?

It is not surprising that Allah then burns the worship of such worshipper by introducing feelings of self righteousness and spiritual arrogance in them.

As stated in the Proposition Conquering Dust; Bu Turab, what does a poor man have to do with religion when his God will be he who gives him bread? What does an ignorant have to do with a noble cause when his cause is whatever is paid to him? How can we contribute to the society when we ourselves are hungry and thirsty?

If we want to preach to someone, we must make sure we rid him of his trouble, problems and anxiety; feed the hungry, help the needy, educate the uneducated, make means of marrying for those who need it, to resolve any other problem one is entangled in. Will you think about praying 5 times a day if you mind will be bogged down by the haunting thought of feeding your young children and you do not see a way out of this insecurity on account of your social situation?

Mawla Ali (AS) said poverty takes one closer to Kufr.

The biggest way to preach God's word is to rid a man in need, of  his need, for once his need is fulfilled, only then will the word of God enter his ears. If Allah will solve the problem of someone through you, it is surely one of the biggest acts of preaching, because you would have prepared that person now to understand the message of Allah as well. "

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