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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Conquering Dust; Bu Turab

"We were taught in school how Guatama Buddha reached Nirvana or perfect peace. According to him, the secret was to let go of all your desires.

When you think of it, rightly so. We are sad and frustrated because we always want something, be it a basic necessity of life or be it an extravagant or exorbitant desire.

How can we be sad when we do not want anything in our life? When i do not want something in the first place, your efforts to take it away from me or to stop it from coming to me will never grieve me.

Prophet (SAW) taught the same when the Quran he brought narrated that all Authority (25:29), destiny (9:51) and will (85:16) belongs to Allah and all we have to do is to be submitters (2:131)

As long as a man resists his destiny, and desires something other than whatever happened to him by the will of Allah, he will never be at peace. Man must first accept the will of Allah, and only then pray and struggle for his desires. He must struggle but never let the outcome of anything grieve him as it is from God. 

Mawla Ali (AS) was given the title of Bu Turab or "Father of Dust" by Rasool (SAW) for similar reason as he (AS) had achieved the control over the dust part of human nature, or nafs.

Iqbal in his poetic methods explained the same;

Ali, the Lion of God, subdued the body's clay
And transmuted this dark earth to gold.
Murtaza, by whose sword the splendour of Truth was revealed,
Is named Bu Turab from his conquest of the body.

What does a poor man have to do with religion when his God will be he who gives him bread? What does an ignorant have to do with a noble cause when his cause is whatever is fed to him? How can we contribute to the society when we ourselves are hungry and thirsty?

Only when we will satisfy our basic human needs and conquer our desires, and try to broaden our vision or with trial and testing of time, we will realize that our satisfaction lies in contributing to society and giving to others, be it alms, knowledge or even a smile. "

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