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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Look before you Preach

This paper is a submission by Dua e Zainab.
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" Almost everyone in the world today has a tendency to argue about what they themselves believe in and vouch for.

From offices to schools, people argue about Islamic issues and are always asking for Quranic proofs from the other, more importantly when they themselves have none regarding their own set of beliefs and principles.

I feel good knowing that there are many people who really want to exchange knowledge and want to clear their perceptions, but is this really the true intention behind arguments and discussions?

I doubt it for I see people arguing, losing their temper, abusing, making fun of each otherís beliefs. Is this the outcome of intentions where learning and sincerity is of importance?

Before discussing controversies and issues with anyone, especially those issues which hold religious importance, ensure that the other person is of sublime character and morality, and his life is full of actions which he himself preaches.

As Rasool (SAW) said, he is most hated in the eyes of Allah and his Prophet, who teaches everyone one one thing while his actions oppose his own teachings.

Arguments are wastage of time and are only a source of recreation. For if our intentions are sincere and we have conquered our biases and our purpose to discuss is to enter the light of guidance and earn the mercy of Allah, then we will not have arguments which end up inconclusively and often with increased hatred; we will have discussions with a concrete conclusion at the end. Either both parties will end up on one side of the coin or both will have better tolerance to and understanding of one anotherís beliefs.

Remember, dialogue and preaching has been a way of the Prophets, where as arguements are the trademark of fools. "

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