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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Toddler, The Teacher 3 - Medication

" The Original Proposition Toddler, The Teacher, we saw how the simple life of an infant is in fact the source of his modest happiness and how we must learn from it inorder to be happy. In continuation, Toddler The Teacher 2, we observed that the carefree attitude of the toddler is only because he trusts his parents will always protect him like his shadow, and there is much for us to learn from this for our (a believer's) protection has been promised by Allah, till the day death has been written for him, why shouldn't we be bold and carefree.

But as Prophet (SAW) said, there is much for us to learn from toddlers, as they are in nature's pure form as Allah has sent them in this world before anyone or anything can adulter their heart and mind.

When our children are sick, we give them injections, vaccines, medicines. This only brings pain, unrest, discomfort to the toddler, and they cry uncontrollably in resistance. But because we, the parents, have the strength and authority over them, and we want the best for our children, we do not listen to their stubborness and we overpower them to our will, for their own betterment. The betterment is not what the toddler can understand, the logic of bitter tastes (of medicines) and painful needles leading to a better life dose not appeal to a toddler, but because in our knowledge, it is important that the toddler goes through the process so that he can recover from the health condition he is suffering from, we enforce our decision on the toddler.

Our destiny overpowers us and puts us in alot of stress at times, but can this stress and discomfort be without a reason when its author, the loving Allah, knows (like a parent), what we do not (like a toddler).

A parent will watch with ease when the doctor injects his toddler with a medicine, but a parent will not watch with ease if an insect bites the toddler. The toddler feels the same pain, but the parent will react differently. If a parent is watching the toddler in pain, peacefully, we realize that such pain is good for the toddler, else the parent would never have accepted it for his child.

The Quran says in Surah Baqra Ayah 155 that Allah will test us with fear, hunger, loss of life and property but there will be good news for the patient. 

Had we known what Allah knew, or we trusted Allah with his decisions, we would have also smiled when destiny injected us with pain. It is not surprising then the words of the son of Prophet (SAW) at Kerbala, when Imam Hussain (AS) was tested with loss of life, property, fear and hunger, he said that it is indeed very painful for him, but the only comfort is that He (Allah) is watching. "

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