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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Toddler, The Teacher 2 (Too)

" In continuation of the Original Proposition Toddler, The Teacher, wherein we saw how simple life of an infant is in fact the source of his modest happiness and how we must learn from it.

Now that Allah has gifted me a son of my own, to teach and learn from, i observed him very closely. I realized that he would not perceive danger as danger. Not only that, he would be careless in his daily life, falling and throwing things and not taking care of himself. He would try to crawl off the bed and fall without any fear that it would hurt him. I believe this was all out of his innocence and ignorance. But then I also realized one small fact i had earlier overlooked.

His mother and aunts and grandmother were always with him like a breath and a shadow. I could see in his eyes, that he knew that they will not let anything come near him which would hurt him. It was this faith in his protectors that he would close his eyes and simply try to swallow anything he could to enjoy and explore it, yet be sure that if it was bad for him, his protectors would never let that happen.

This is what the strength of faith is. And our protector, Allah had also promised guardianship in Quran [13:11] through angels. When Allah has promised us guardianship, how can then we worry? For surely then worry is a sign of lack of tawaqal.

Now i can understand why did Imam Ali (AS) sleep on the bed of Rasool (SAW) at the night of Hijrat. A bed which was surely attracting murderers from all tribes, and the Imam slept like a toddler. 

Now i can understand why Hz Abdul Mutallib took his camels, like a toddler will ask for his own toys, and walked away, saying to Abraha that "I am the owner of the camels, (therefore, I tried to save them), and this House has its own Owner Who will surely protect it."

The key to the happiness lies in modesty, simplicity, purity and Tawaqal of Allah. Accept whatever he chooses for you and never shall you grieve or be restless in the fire of envy.  "

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