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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Bold and Fearless 2

"The original Proposition The Bold and Fearless emphasized that the key to becoming fearless was nearness to Allah and indeed.

Another aspect is being discussed here, because Islam is multi-dimensional and propositions shall add on to the efforts of mankind and evolve towards a better, refined and more appropriate understanding with time and such an evolution is an inherent feature of Islamic teachings; they are beyond obsolescence.

Strength, courage, boldness, power, fearlessness and all similar adjectives can be derived from two qualities, which Allah has kept for himself in totality, but bestows on his creations as much of it as he himself desires.

First, knowledge. Throughout human history, ancient civilizations were annihilated by a more powerful civilization. The only thing every powerful civilization had in common was technological advancement which has its roots in knowledge and its application. Never in the history did stone beat dagger, and dagger beat sword, and sword beat rifle, and rifle beat tank, and tank beat missile. Similarly, knowledge of the unseen adds to the portfolio of audacity. Had I known what will happen tomorrow, I will not only plan my every move accordingly, but I will also get rid of my insecurities, as I will invest in the most profitable share, and bet on the right games and I will know that i will not die (or die) tomorrow. It is knowledge and omnipotence which gives Allah all the power that he possesses by virtue of him being Allah, and He has made powerful those who he has given as much knowledge as he wanted to.

Second, Independency or Self Reliance (Reliance on Allah alone). If some one's assignment depends on my inputs, surely that gives me power over him. If some one's social welfare depends on his job then he will be enslaved by his bosses. If some one loves another person beyond measures, then the other person becomes his weakness and shall have a significant share and say in all of his affairs. If my motivation is reliant on opinions of others, then others will always have power over me and my mood and performances. Our desires become our weakness as we are blinded by them and we do everything that we should or should not to fullfill them. Even at a level of nations, a country heavily dependant on foreign aid or oil shall always have a foreign policy regulated in favor of such aid and oil suppliers weakening its own position and principles vs a country self sustaining itself on renewable energy. In its true respect, only Allah alone is he on whom All depends. Whether it be a prophet who depends on Allah for the revelation and for the miracle or an ant who depends on Allah for its sustenance. As we are a social animal with certain rights over one another, we cannot be truly independent from one another, but as much as Allah wills, he can bless us with as much dependency on himself saving us from humiliation by making us dependant on others. In times today, parents who are old and dependant on their energetic and well-earning children often have to face humiliation on the hand of their insolence. They will naturally feel weak and insecure. Allah is powerful because he does not depend on anyone and all depend on him. He does not need our worship, charity, blood, property which is for our ownself eventually. He can create a universe like this and mankind like ours, easier than we find for ourselves to blink our eyes.  

He who had the knowledge of the book and brought the throne of Bilquis before Prophet Sulaiman (AS) was more powerful than an audacious jinn who thought himself to be strong (in Quran's words) and offered the same before the Prophet (AS) could have risen from his place. And as per Surah 16 Ayah 99, surely even the Shaitan has no authority or power over those who believe in Allah and rely on him.

The Prophet (SAW) said that He (SAW) is the city of Knowledge and Ali (AS) is the gate. That is why we have never seen Ali (AS) run away from a battle or shy away from sleeping on the (death) bed of Prophet (SAW) at the night of Hijrat. That is why Ali (AS) was the fearless lion of Allah.

According to Abu Mikhnaf, Imam Hussain (AS) was advised not to go to Kufa as the people there had a history of betraying His (AS) father Imam Ali (AS) as well. The Imam (AS) thanked the people for their advise and concern and left everything to Allah. It was this independence from the life of this world and its luxuries and inhabitants, that the Imam (AS) showed such fearlessness at Kerbala which still resonates today, globally and annually 1400 years later at the sighting of every Muharram moon.

A believer's life today cannot be of fear and insecurities, for knowledge about Allah's Qudrat and his reliance on Allah as a sufficient protector should be sufficient to gift him with courage, boldness, power and satisfaction. "

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