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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Bold and Fearless

" The proposition Lion and the Gnu draw comparison with what characteristics brings fear (of everything) and what is required to be fearlessness.

In simple words and in our everyday corporate or job experience, any employee who is nearer to the Chief Executive, moves around confidently, takes bold decisions and sits on his chair with a sense of job security. In universities, any student who is closer to the professor or chancellor, is more relaxed and not bothered by educational stress.

In a fair world, this closeness maybe on account of a relationship between the two people involved, or on account of hardwork and competence of the subordinate.

He who then has nearness to the creator himself, Allah, their body language in its ferocity and fearlessness is self evident and cannot be compared with those who have anything and everything but nearness to Allah; one would jump in the fire created by the enemy and try to slaughter their own son albeit blindfolded (Ibrahim AS), one would take up the whole tribe without any surety of security (Prophet SAW), one would end up in a battlefield with sons and daughters and brothers and still not back away for principle stand (Imam Hussain AS) while the other will be surrounded by hundreds of guards for protection of life and loose the peace of sleep even in guarded walls, and not dare help the weak for fear of ownself or for fear of compromise of personal agenda.

And when is the mention of the bold and fearless, how can the mention of Hz Ali (AS) be missed, who was Islam's most courageous warrior, from the bed of Prophet (SAW) at Hijrat, to the hero of Badr, to the flag of Khyber and to the battle of Khandaq, where Hz Ali (AS) defeated Amroo ibn Abdu wad when the Quran says in Surah 33 Ayah 10 that the fear was such amongst the muslims surrounding the Prophet (SAW) that their hearts arose to their throats and they started to think diverse thoughts about Allah.

So pray as much as you can and fast as much as you can, if you cannot achieve nearness to Allah, you shall remain insecure and afraid. How will you know you have reached this nearness? You might not know, but your soul will which will become selfless and fearless of this world and its obstacles. "

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