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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Lion And The Gnu

" We have learnt alot from animals, be it hunting techniques, swimming or flying. But the animal world has alot more to teach us.

The lion is the king of the jungle. A lion has never experienced being hunted in its natural habitat and existence. Where ever it goes, all of the animals flee. It is at the top of the food chain and has confidence in its brutal strength. If you ever get an opportunity to see some lions upclose, sleeping in the grasslands, and if you try to make noise (clap, shout, car horns), the lion will not even move a muscle. Infact if it moves an ear you would be lucky (until ofcourse you are irritating the animal). The reason for the lion not reacting to your stimulus, because it not only knows, but has firm faith, that it is untouchable on account of its might.

Compare that with the Gnu. It is a wildebeest (cow family for simplicity) also in Africa. They are one of the most hunted animals, by almost all of the big cats, and the crocodiles. If you ever get upclose with the animal (which it wont let you because it will run further away from you), the Gnu will run like all hell has broken loose even if you sneeze.

But do you know, Africans call stupid or not-so-smart people a Gnu as well because the animal Gnu has one quality. Where ever the herd of Gnus gather, one of the Gnu will start to run randomly, without any reason or threat to do so and this will create a chain reaction amongst the Gnus and all will start to run, to avoid being hunted, when no one is even hunting them.

The lion does not react to the external stimuli because he is too big to react to an insignificant clap or shout. Are we so worthless and insignificant that we react (in anger) when some one disagrees with our opinions or that we react (in grief) when some one tries to hurt us with their words? The self esteem the lion possesses is on account of his competence that he does not rely on anyone else but himself. We can never be significant until we stop relying on anyone else but Allah.

The reason of the lion's peace and non-reaction to any external stimuli is his faith in his strength and the synergy of the pride. Are we as muslims not even sharing the same amount of faith (that a lion has in himself)  in the protection and guidance of Allah who has promised protection to believers?

Maybe that is why our life stories are similar to that of a Gnu and we are living a life of constant worry (for our jobs, earnings, investments, security, safety, desires). We are living a life of constant reactions to people, events and incidents who are not worthy of our reactions. We are either not believers, or we doubt the promise of Allah, that he is a sufficient protector."

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