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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Waseela; A Matter Of Worship

"Many people use the Masoomeens (AS) as a waseela, or means of nearness, to Allah, yet many question that if using the waseela to approach Allah is a Quranic order (per [5:35]), did the masoomeens (including Syed ul Masoom, Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) themselve use any waseela to approach Allah?

When Rasool (SAW) went for mubahila, he could have went alone and Allah could have asked him (SAW) to do so as well. But the prophet (SAW) took certain people (in accordance with Quran [3:61]) with him (SAW) and told them, that to establish the truth, when he (SAW) prays to Allah, they, the masoomeen, Kul e Eeman Mawla Ali (AS), Khairul Nisa al Aalimeen Janab Zahra (AS), Jawanan e Sardar e Jannah Imam Hassan (AS) and Hussain (AS) should say ameen. Why was this ameen from these people required? If you ask me, those blessed hands were a waseela to reach Allah.

Furthermore, salat is a prayer, a dua. In every salat, is durood on Muhammad (SAW) and his Aal (AS) not sent, by all sects?

Mawla Ali (AS) has said that; whenever one makes prayers or dua, he must send durood on Rasool (SAW) and his blessed progeny (AS), because Allah is so kareem that it does not fit him that he accepts one dua (which is for rasool (SAW) and his aal (AS)) and rejects the other (which is maybe the person's personal dua).

Is the durood itself not a waseela?

The unjust were instructed to come to Muhammad (SAW) for their forgiveness and upon his (SAW) prayers only will Allah forgive them (Quran [4:64]). If Allah wants us to to approach him through his signs which are embodiment of his Tauheed, who are we to skip them and try approaching Allah directly?

It is not a matter of getting your prayers accepted via a waseela, because Allah gives to Non-Muslims as well (Idol worshippers get from "idols") and Allah does not give to Muslims as well (as a result of his Hikmah). It is a matter of worshipping Allah, and to fulfill that right, one must do as Allah has told him to do.  "

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