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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Communicating Relationship Advice 2; You Have Got Mail

" In the original proposition Communicating Relationship Advice, we emphasized how a 2 way communication is of vital importance for any relationship to exist let own succeed, and how this communication with Allah in Imam Ali's words is through Salat (when He (AS) wants to speak with Allah) and reading the Quran (when he (AS) wants Allah to speak with him).

The importance of the Quran cannot be emphasized enough. It is the effort of Prophet Muhammad 's (SAW) 63 year effort and the Ahlulbayt's 200 year struggle after the demise of the Prophet (SAW).

A man asked Imam Ali Raza (AS) why his (AS) jadd e amjad Rasool (SAW) was not bestowed with miracles like the earlier prophets had. The Imam (AS) did not highlight the miracle of splitting of the moon, or the miracle of Miraj. The Imam (AS) replied that Musa (AS) was sent at time when magic was at peak, hence he (AS) was sent with the miracle to counter that magic through his miracles. Isa (AS) was sent at a time when disease was at its peak, hence he (AS) was sent with the miracle to counter those diseases through his cure. Muhammad (SAW) was sent at a time when ignorance was at its peak, and he (SAW) was sent with the miracle to counter that ignorance, ie the Quran itself.

Not being able to understand the Quran and all of the excuses that come with it are secondary in nature in my mind. I want to highlight to people who have the intellect, accumen, time and literacy to read the Quran themselves, how they humiliate the word of Allah by not reading it themselves.

Imagine working in a large business empire, one day you receive the email of your boss. You will open that email with priority vs the other emails that you receive. Now imagine your company CEO has sent you an email, when you see that email sender name in your inbox, imagine the level of your curiosity and excitement at how come the CEO has emailed you. Now imagine the shareholder of the company (or maybe the president of your country) directly emails you, as an ordinary employee (or citizen), how will that email make you feel? Excited, curios, important? You will leave everything and open that email marked to you to know what message it contains and you will prioritize addressing that email and its needful over everything else that you were doing including your boss's instructions.

Can you imagine not opening that email you had received and treating it as unimportant? Can you imagine not responding to that email or not doing the needful as instructed in that email?

Quran is that email, from the creator sent for us, you and me in specific. How dare we do not open that email, and if we did open it, how dare we not read it, and if we did, how did we not act on it and do the needful, and if we did, how dare we not respond to it?

I can assure you if we believe that the Quran is the word of Allah himself, for which the Prophet (SAW) fought with his life and property for 23 years, you will make time to read what the message of Allah has been embedded for you, protected in that book uncorrupted, that no one else can explain to you or uncover for you, but you yourself, as Allah speaks to the believers directly, based on their intellect, wisdom, knowledge and piety."

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