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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Communicating Relationship Advice

"The importance of communication, written or verbal, is so important that it has made man excel amongst all other creatures on Earth. We can communicate with anyone on the globe in a matter of seconds, and as a result, we can entertain ourselves, coordinate and cooperate at large scale, gain knowledge and make relationship bonds.

Man is a social animal and cannot survive alone therefore bond making is extremely important. Some bonds are made by man in forms of spouse, friends and colleagues. It is not surprising that these bonds are made as a result of positive and favorable communication and is a two-way and continuous process for healthy sustainability of such relationships. Similarly, some bonds are pre-made and are not in a man's control, such as blood relations. However, these bonds are also not sustainable if healthy communication ceases to exist amongst the involved.

No father likes an insolent son who does not talk to him with respect, no spouse likes the other who do not listen to them and no colleague likes another who is not considerate; no problem is resolved without proper dialogue and an effort to sincerely understand what the other wants. Even at macro-level (between countries and nations), similar rules apply and are commonly known as diplomatic ties.

In a nutshell, any relationship in this world will break down if communication is not proper, continuous, positive, open, comprehensible, honest and sincere.

Man often forgets that he also has a relationship with his creator and to sustain that relationship, the two-way process of communication is a must. Mawla Ali (AS) emphasized on the same, when he (AS) stated that when he (AS) wants to talk to Allah, he (AS) prays salat and makes dua, and when he (AS) wants Allah to talk to him, he (AS) recites the Quran.

We must try to apply the rules of a proper communication when communicating with the one who gave us ears to hear and tongue to speak with."

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