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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Comprehending Patience 2: The Promise of Allah

" In the original proposition, Comprehending Patience, we saw how it was impossible for a person to have patience without having knowledge on the issue, and Allah used two of his knowledgeable, blessed and chosen (for guidance) personalities to convey this message to us, Khizr (AS) and Musa (AS). Without knowledge, patience can not be achieved even if it is a prophet of Allah.

To expand on this thought, I would like to correlate a small incident that sheds more light on the phenomena.

I had picked my kids from school one fine day (6 years and 4 years, May Allah bless them with long life, Allah's countless blessings, health, wisdom, success in all their lives ba sadqa Muhammad SAW wa Aal AS). On the way back i promised them ice cream from Mc Donalds before we enter home.

I got a phone call on the way in the midst of which I missed the first Mc Donald which was enroute to home. Both the kids started to cry that I have broken my promise and that they were looking forward to the Ice Cream. I reiterated that I had promised them and i will not break it, before entering home the McD ice cream will be in there hands. The 6 year old son trusted my promise and stopped crying and started to enjoy his trip on the way back. The 4 year old daughter could not comprehend what my promise meant and continued to cry all the way missing her McD ice cream. She only stopped crying when i finally fulfilled my promise and gave them both the ice cream.

And i realized, that at the end, both of them had the ice cream, not because they deserved it but i had promised it to them. And the one who trusted in my promise, sat patiently and enjoyed/utilized his time as it passed, while the other who did not trust my promise or did not comprehend what my promise meant, continued to cry throughout her journey and made no fruitful use of her time except but in pain, distress, panic and impatience. Despite both of them having the same end result, the journey and the experience was very different.

How can we then be patient in this life, if we do not trust the Prophet of Allah?

Allah revealed it on the heart of his messenger loud and clear, Quran Surah 40 Ayah 77, 'So be patient, surely the promise of Allah is true....".

Why was Imam Hussain (AS) Syed-uS-Sabireen, even after burying his sons and brothers? Because he knew the Promise of Allah as revealed to his Grandfather (SAW) is true. The promise that no good deed, gratitude, sacrifice and patience shall go unrewarded, and no act of transgression will be left unpunished.  "

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