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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Comprehending Patience

"All religions and sects teach patience as a source of success in both worlds, yet people do not know the secret recipe of patience; how to be more patient in everything?

Because there are some men who are bent to submit their will to Allah, they use their strength to ward off their anger and hastiness and thus they enforce patience on themselves. Although they do become patient, it becomes a struggle and a means of unrest for them and they would find it challenging to sustain their patience.

There is no doubt that true patience is one forth of what it takes for man to avoid loss in both worlds, as Surah Al Asr has declared. But the question is, how to learn to be truly patient?

Because Allah has ordered his submitters to be patient, he has not only shown the patient ones to us, who endured hunger and thirst in battlefields, the likes of Kerbala, he has also disclosed to us the secret key to patience, which many of us overlook while hastily (impatiently) reciting the Quran in Arabic to earn more Sawab.

The story of Prophet Musa (AS), and one of Allah's servants who Allah had granted mercy from himself, Khizr (AS), is one of the most curios stories of the book, where the Prophet of Allah gets impatient and tries to hastily understand the wisdom and the reasoning behind actions of Khizr.

Khizr teaches Musa (AS), the key for patience in one simple statement which the Quran quotes in Surah 18, Verse 68; "And how can you have patience in that of which you have not got a comprehensive knowledge? "

To elaborate the same in a very simple example, if you sit next to a passenger in a bus, who randomly starts to shout at you and abuse you, you will lose your temper and probably end up in a fight with that passenger. However, if you have comprehensive knowledge of that passenger's schizophrenia, you will understand his medical condition and now your reaction to his outburst will be very different and probably be full of understanding and patience.

It is not possible to have patience without having comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. No wonder Allah in his Quran and Rasool (SAW) in his farmaan have emphasized so much on education and knowledge, for both men and women.

Why was Imam Hussain (AS) Syed-uS-Sabireen, even after burying his sons and brothers? Maybe, he (AS) had comprehensive knowledge of what this world's life meant, what it meant to bow down to a tyrant, and what fulfillment of the will of Allah meant. "

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