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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Rajaz-e-Shuhda; A Tribute to Kerbala

When ever warriors met on battle grounds in an opportunity for individual combat, they would introduce themselves, their forefathers, their merits, in an attempt to not only familiarize the opponent of who they were, but also in an attempt to psychologically defeat or subdue the opposition. This introduction is called the Rajaz.

Based on what we have been handed down by our forefathers, the traditions, the accounts of Kerbala, the marsiyas, nauhas and majalis, I would like to imagine how our kings would have said their rajus on the 10th Muharram 61 Hijri, while facing the impure army of the impure Yazid (son of impure).

Hur (RA);

I am Hur ibn Rihayi, a soldier and servant of Allah. My saum, salat and hajj would not have saved me if i did not understand the spirit behind the cry for water by the children of Hussain (AS).

I will be the hope for all repentants till the end of times because I have shown them the house (of Ahlulbayt (AS)) where Allah accepts the prayers of the needy and Tawba of the sinners.

I am the one who enforced the Imams stay at Kerbala, but I am also the one who has been forgiven by the prince of paradise, the son of saqi-e-kauthar (Imam Ali (AS) who would hand out kauthar to the faithful at the order of Rasool (SAW)), I am the one who has been gifted the handkerchief of Janab e Syeda (AS) which has released me of my fear of death and I will be the one who will strike first on the behalf of Syed-us-Shuhada.

Habib (RA);

I am Habib ibn Mazahir who has left his family to come join my oldest friend, my master. When Hussain (AS) was a child, I used to collect the dust of his (AS) footsteps so that no one else steps on them and seeing my love the Prophet (SAW) prayed for me. It is a result of that prayer, that here I am today on the Sirat Mustaqeem, on the footsteps of Hussain (AS).

I could not bare see any one stepping on footsteps of my Imam (AS), how then can I see your horses trampling the son of Muhammad (SAW)?

My body does not need strength to fight you and your cursed motives, for I receive strength from the resolve of Hussain Ibn Ali (AS), who will give a greater sacrifice which ransomed Ismail (AS) from the trial of Ibrahim (AS).

My weak bones, my white hair and my old age will not stop me and indeed I will prove what the meaning of a habib (friend) is, when every drop of my blood will be shed in the love of my friend, my master and my prince Hussain (AS).

Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS);

We are the sons of Abdullah (AS), Ibn Jaffar e Tayyar (AS) the winged martyr. You think that we are scared from your swords and spears? We are the sons of Zainab (AS) bint Ali (AS). The milk we drank and the blood in our veins belongs to those who have lived their lives longing to meet their creator.

Our mother, the Hussain-e-Sani (the second Hussain (AS)), the Sani-e-Zahra, Janab Zainab (AS), has clothed us and instructed us not to return to her camp while we have breath and blood to fight for Hussain (AS).

Martyrdom is our inheritance and we will show you today how sheeps like you run and disperse when two lions attack.

Maybe every other mother in Kerbala will sacrifice her son(s) for this mission, but our mother (AS) will sacrifice her whole nasl (posterity) to ensure that Allah's promise to his Prophet (SAW) and our grandfather (SAW) is fulfilled, that Surely your (Muhammad's (SAW)) enemy is the one who shall be without posterity [108:3].

Qasim (AS);

I am the orphan of commander of faithful, Hassan (AS) ibn Ali (AS) ibn Abu Talib, who resembled the Prophet (SAW) more than his resemblance to Ali (AS). Do not under-estimate my courage, for I find death sweeter than honey, and do not under-estimate my strength because of my small age and physique, for the blood in me is the same blood which sent your forefathers to their hell-bound abode in the battles of Badr, Khandaq, Jamal and Siffin.

Mawiya and his impure seeds have violated the sanctity of all the conditions of the peace truce my father (AS) made with him. When the pagans of Mecca violated the peace treaty they made with my Grandfather Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), he (SAW) marched on and conquered Mecca. I have my father's (AS) sword in my hands, and let this unsheathed sword against you be a witness that you are the oppressors and sons of oppressors, violators of treaties and sons of violators and I will conquer this day such a conquest, that believers in one Allah will take my name as if they are mentioning a graceful prince.

Ali Akbar (AS);

I am my father's, Hussain (AS) Ibn Ali (AS) ibn Abu Talib (AS), most prized possession. Not because I am his son, prime in youth, majestic in piety and unparallel in bravery, but because I resemble my grandfather, Rasool (SAW), the most, in character, in features and physique, in nobility and chivalry, in voice. Whenever the Ahlulbayt (AS) wanted to remember the Prophet (SAW), they would call me and look at me as if they were worshipping me.

Our grandfather Ibrahim (AS) blindfolded himself when sacrificing Ismail (AS). My father (AS) has sent me in the battlefield and will watch me cut your throats, and be cut, without a blindfold, for he is the king of the patient, and he loves nothing more than nearness to Allah.

You think that keeping me hungry and thirsty for three days will weaken me? You think that your armies and spears will strike fear in my heart? Verily we are on Haqq and Allah is with us. Surely we are Allah's and to him we shall surely return.

Allah hu Akbar, I am Ali Akbar and in his name I will fight you till none of you who pose harm to my father (AS), remains in this earth.

Abbas (AS);

I am the backbone of Banu Hashim. What am i seeing? Despite your numbers, your faces are covered with sweat and your swords shivering, I see your hearts beating in your throats, in fear that should Abbas ibn Ali (AS) ibn Abu Talib (AS) charge with his sword at you?

I am the moon of Banu Hashim. The light of my face fills the gatherings of Banu Hashim with peace and prosperity. The strength of my arms and my courage gives the women of the household of Prophet (SAW) confidence, that no harm can come to the house of Prophet (SAW), for I am their servant and their lion.

I am the commander of the army of Hussain (AS). You only saw us as 72 men? How could you see the army and the nation Allah has promised to bring forward (Quran 5:54)? By Allah, till time remains, I will remain the commander of the army of Hussain (AS).

My father Ali (AS), Haider e Qarrar Ghair Al Farrar (the unconquerable who never fled a battlefield), was the flag-bearer of Islam, when Rasool (SAW) gave him (AS) the flag which was to be given to some one who loved Allah and his Prophet (SAW), and who was loved by Allah and his Prophet (SAW). I have been given the flag by his (SAW) son Hussain (AS). I am the flag-bearer of Kerbala. By Allah, till time remains, my flag will be hoisted in the hearts of every believer, on the rooftops of houses which stand for the truth, justice and the oppressed.

I was created by Allah for one purpose and that was to serve my master, Abu Abdullah Hussain (AS) ibn Ali (AS). I was born in the same month as my master (AS) following his date. I opened my eyes for the first time in his arms. I followed him (AS) everywhere like a milk-sucking calf follows the sheep. How can then I allow a single drop of blood of the progeny of Muhammad (SAW) be shed while I live? I will die the same day as my master (AS) such that my life started in his (AS) arms and shall end in his arms (AS). By Allah, till time remains, my burial ground shall not be away from my master's (AS) and neither will my house be away from his (AS) in the gardens of Paradise.

I have not been sent to fight you. If only my master Hussain (AS) had allowed me to unsheathe my sword today, I would have shown you how Sher-e-Khuda (Lion of Allah) tore apart in two pieces, Marhab and Antar and Amroo ibn Abd Wad, I would have shown you how one lion can tear apart the ranks of armies of dogs in one roar.

I am sent to get water for the progeny of Prophet (SAW), for the children of Hussain (AS), who are thirsty for three days. Don't you find it strange how you have cut-off the supply of water to those (AS) for who water has been made, those who shall be the distributors of Kausar?

The mashq (water container) will decorate my Alam (flag) till the end of times and it will testify that had I took charge against you, your mothers would have wept for your loss.

Ali Asghar (AS);

I am very young to talk. How can I when I have not seen this world for more than 6 months? I am forced by the laws of nature which dictates that a 6 month baby cannot talk. But at the same time, I am also forced by the blood of Muhammad (SAW) which runs in me, to help in this time of need, my Father Hussain Ibn Ali (AS).

I may not know how to talk, but with my smile, I will tell the world that my father is innocent, that we are the oppressed. I will confuse the world with my smile and they will ponder, if I had punctured your mission with my arrow (smile), or if you had slaughtered my neck with it.

I may not know how to walk, but I will hold Islam's hands with my fingers and I will make it walk, ensuring it does not stumble again into the hands of animals like you.

I will tell the world that irrespective of age, Ali will be Ali.

Hussain (AS);

My grandfather was the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (SAW), whose standards Allah has raised by gifting him the office of prophet hood. Gabriel (AS) used to enter our house through the door after our permission. The Quran you recite was revealed in our house.

My father was Sher-e-Khuda, Yad Allah (Hand of Allah), Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS), who was the "Man Kunto Mawla". Allah exalted his standards by destroying the Kuffars through his sword. He was the Nafsur Rasool, Qul e Eeman (totality of faith) and Imam al Mutaqeen (leader of pious).

My mother was Janab Zahra (AS), the leader of all women of paradise. She was the heart of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

My brother Hassan (AS) ibn Ali (AS) and myself, Abu Abdullah Hussain (AS) Ibn Ali (AS), are the princes of paradise. I am the son of the Prophet (SAW) regarding who he (SAW) had said that Hussain is from me (SAW) and I (SAW) am from Hussain.

You all have gathered against me and I know you will not leave but with my blood on your hands. What is my crime? Allah knows I am on Haqq. You give me a choice between martyrdom and humiliation? Verily Allah has kept all Rijs and humiliation away from me and my household for we are the Ahlulbayt (AS).

A man like myself, will never give oath or agree to men like yourselves, who do not feed the orphans and the needy, who are heedless of their prayers, who oppress the weak and shed unlawful blood, who are drunkards and adulters, who are immodest and who do not fear Allah.

The prophet (SAW) of Allah left behind him (SAW) the Quran and the Ahlulbayt (AS). You are so misfortunate, that you first raised the Quran on spears (in Siffin), and now, you will raise the Ahlulbayt on spears too.

You want to bow my head infornt of a tyrant? Surely you yourselves will raise my head (on spears) which will be a sign of my victory. The azaan will be a sign of my victory. Where ever I will be and my Zikr (rememberance) will be, Allah's zikr will also prevail. This will be my victory.

Every day this day, until time ends, the believers will remember how the son of Muhammad (SAW) fulfilled his promise for the greater sacrifice, how he (AS) forever extinguished the fire created by Nimrod, how he (AS) freed the slaves of the Firaun, how he (AS) broke the idols which remained in the Kaaba. Every day this day, until time ends, hearts which fear Allah shall weep and ponder how to help and facilitate the Syed-us-Shuhda (Leader of martyrs Hussain (AS)) and my mission. I will give warmth to the blood of a believer till the day believers are born on this earth.

Today I will show you, how he fights, who lost his brothers and friends, who buried his sons with his own hands, whose Akbar (AS) you martyred and now this life is not worth living, who is hungry and thirsty for three days, who by the will of Allah will always prevail in the hearts of pure for I am Hussain (AS) ibn Ali (AS) ibn Abu Talib (AS).

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