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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Right Decision

" As progressive minds, we need to understand a few things about decision making.

First, the worst thing is not to make a decision (or delay a decision). Stuck in the middle of the road with on coming traffic.... either cross this way, or that way, or do not decide and stand stunned in the middle of the highway!?

Second, decision making should be based on rationale, facts, experiences and lesson learnt (which become a part of rationale), rather than on superstition and gut feelings. Cannot choose between going to new restaurant about which everyone you know is speaking good in terms of food quality, variety, affordability and ambience vs a hotel you went last time and were served undercooked food with expensive pricing and rowdy crowd?

Third, you will never always know 100% facts before you make a decision as there are infinite variables that are not in your control. As an investor you want to put money in a project with attractive returns, you can do your due diligence but you can never eliminate the risk, only mitigate risks to an acceptable level for you can never have all the required facts on the table with you.

Forth, you will never know if decision is right or wrong until it is taken and then time shall decide the same. A Boy loves a girl, both know each other for 6 years now, both are socially and financially compatible, even their horoscopes match. Should they tie the knot? Will the wedding last and be a fairy tale?

Therefore, the key to success is in both lifes is, taking a timely decision, and more importantly, the right one. All it comprises is clean intentions, best effort to know as much as you possible could in that given time, take a view based on your educated guess and expert opinion, and pull the trigger. With such an approach, your decisions (belonging to any part of life, from religious to corporate) will rise above being right or wrong; they will always be justified. 

You decide today that there is no harm in backbiting against a muslim, but can you justify this decision of yours before Allah himself? If you can, you will be saved.

What is your view on life? Allah is the greatest, and his world is vast, and he is the guarantor of sustenance? Or your boss controls your destiny? Your views define who you are because they are determined by the decisions you take on a daily basis which eventually moulds your personality.

Imam Hussain's view was that Allah is sufficient for him. And he went to Kerbala with his women and children. Time tells today whether that decision was right or wrong.  "

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