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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Reward Is With Allah

"This proposition is a submission by Mehmooda.
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In this short life of ours, there is a significant give-and-take amongst ourselves. Sometimes we do something for others and sometimes we get favors done for us in return. The series of favors is poisoned when there is a mutation of greed of getting something in return, greed of being praised. Eventually this leads us to a state in which we act with our intentions diverted from the will of Allah to architect our social figure in front of society. We try our best to portray ourselves as humble and generous. We paint this picture in front of our worldly society which is temporary.

It is this society for which Imam Ali (AS) said, that when it favors us, attributes us with qualities which are not ours, and when we go out of favor with the same society, it takes away even our own attributes and qualities from us.

We must understand that our ranks are not on the basis of our performance but on our intentions instead. In the court of Allah our intentions are weighed.

Whatever we may get from our fellow men, we would definitely get better from him from who the prophets seeked their rewards. As Hud (AS) prayed in the Quran: O my people! I do not ask of you any reward for it; my reward is only with Him Who created me; do you not then understand?"

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