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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Being Controversial - Hypocrites

" Allah is the supreme creator and the absolute authority, no arguments there. Yet he chose for himself being fair, being just, being loving, being merciful. Had he chosen something else for himself, which one of us could have changed it?

So the creator who has all power, you will find in his Zaat, no controversy. He does not lie, he does not love the unjust and he does not love those who spread Fitnah. He rewards the doers of good and punishes those who exceed his limits. Never will you find an example where Allah rewarded some one for doing something while punished another one for doing the same thing, Allah's Zaat is beyond controversy.

When he who is not accountable before everyone, has created a Quran without crookedness, and wants us to follow his path which is not crooked, what will become of a man who is controversial, in his nature and in his outlook of life?

A  man who believes in Allah and has faith in his protection, and at the same time, believes in the full moon and black cat omens and believes that the number 3 will bring bad luck to him? A man who treats the rich and the powerful with respect and obedience but is violent towards the weak and poor? A man who believes that Rizq comes from Allah and at the same time is spreading his hands before other men? A man who respects the women in his office and university (for motives better known to him) but disrespects the women in his home? A man who believes in the justice of Allah and in death but at the same time is heedless of his prayers and how he treats the orphan? It is such confusions in our beings, which make us crooked, controversial, fake and confused in our very existence.

If you have recited the Kalimah, then no point in questioning the Prophet (SAW), what he (SAW) said, did and decided. In the Quran's word (Ayah 142 of Surah Baqra), pertaining to people who started to question the change in Qiblah; "The fools among the people will say: What has turned them from their qiblah which they had?"

Rasool (SAW) has likened cleanliness to be half of faith, and two halves make a whole; physical cleanliness and cleanliness of the heart. We need to stop being controversial and fake and that is only possible if we are able to clean our hearts.

Next time if you back bite your friend or your brother, do not pretend to be one of their sincerest and honest well-wishers infront of them. Be brave enough to be yourself and bring consistency in your Zaat by openly discussing your grievances or opposition to him. Maybe Allah will forgive an open opponent and extinguish the enmity between the two , but go and read in his book what his clear attitude is towards hypocrites.

Who can face a pure and non-controversial creator with a crooked heart? In Allah's own words, the hearts of the disbelievers and the hypocrites are diseased. "

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