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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.


" If you have a 100 Rs with you extra and a needy asks you for it for food, then giving it is a good thing and you will be rewarded, while not giving is not harmful or not a sin as you are under no liability to help that needy.

That is one perception.

The other perception is, if you give that to the needy, it was your duty, and if you do not then you have sinned.

This is another.

With the spiritual maturity and guidance, the perception of a believer changes. That is why Rasool (SAW) in some of the ahadith have mentioned sitting with the pious and the learned as being a preferred form of Ibadat, for from such gatherings you might change your perceptions.

The higher and elevated the stature of a person is, the higher the sense of responsibility and the more uncompromising their stand at all costs.

Islam promotes the doctrine of Taqiya as to save your life even at the cost of uttering disbelief if it is not from the heart and the same has been documented in the Quran in Surah 16 Ayah 106. This means that Imam Hussain (AS) at Kerbala was at full liberty to save his life and that of his blessed family who were the family of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself, simply by giving oath of allegiance to Yazid even if in his (AS) heart he (AS) did not believe in that oath. That was the right Islam gave to Imam Hussain (AS). He would still be the grandson of Prophet (SAW) because nothing could change that blood flowing in his veins, the Imam (AS) would still remain the prince of youth of Paradise because the Prophet (SAW) announced it during his (SAW) lifetime and the Imam (AS) would still have remained a part of the group taken to Mubahila by the Prophet (SAW) in his (SAW) life time.

Yet, the Imam (AS) realized his sense of responsibility, and fullfilled his promise of the greater sacrifice at a cost what no one else could afford but the true blood of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

If our perceptions do not reciprocate the maturity of our understanding and fear of God you think you have, then you and i have some serious homework to do. If we do not ascend with every passing moment, then surely our growth as a human being is to be questioned and the opportunity given to us by Allah will be questioned.

We always have a reason to justify our actions to put us at ease no matter how irrational and absurd those actions are. Try to step outside your biasness and own perceptions to see what really are you doing with your life (and death). "

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