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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Knowledge Is Power

" I often think to myself how we love babies and infants who are smart, well mannered, energetic, naughty but innocent. Ofcourse everyone loves kids, but when comparing two 3 year olds, which one will you love more, the one who can identify seven different colors or the one who struggles to say even his own name correctly?

Ofcourse the answer is obvious. We love the child who  is more knowledgeable.

Knowledge is the trait of Allah which distinguishes the creator from the created. Allah knows all, while he has given as much knowledge to whomsoever he has liked. Knowledge has been a trait of prophets. No wonder the angels were awe struck when Adam (AS) told them the names which were taught by Allah.

Allah did not give money, women, power, ambition to Ibrahim (AS) and his Progeny. Allah gave them wisdom and knowledge of the book for which the people envied them and opposed them.

The Prophets of Allah did not rely on any one other than Allah. But knowledge is the only thing for which a prophet of God ever approached another creation of his. Musa (AS) showed his desire to be with Khizr (AS) so that Musa could learn and take advantage of the knowledge possessed by Khizr. 

Rasool (SAW) didn't say in vain that He (SAW) is the city of knowledge and Ali (AS) is the gateway of the same knowledge. 

We are ummatis of a Prophet (SAW) who was the city of knowledge while being unlettered. We as a nation give no importance to education of our generations, have gone far away from scientific and medical research and oppose scientific ideas based on dark age superstition. We have no knowledge of the Quran, or history and base our religious opinions and sentiments on hearsay. We are fighting and willing to kill without having knowledge of the facts.

When we as humans who as an imperfect entity, cherish, appreciate and love knowledge and are proud of it and thus we love the child who was more knowledgeable (in the example cited in the opening paragraph), what makes us think that we can feel the love of Allah in our ignorance? Simply put, knowledge is what one prophet wanted from another."

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