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Nature's Vast Resources

" A friend, who is very good with data analysis, once shared a fun fact with me. He had calculated that on the basis of 6 billion people on this earth, and an average calorie intake of 2000 per person per day, the entire world population was consuming an energy intake of 1000 tons of LNG equivalent.

How cool is that for perspective? He had concluded that given the whole energy consumption by humans in the world, the oil, gas, food, fuel etc, we are one expensive species to sustain ourselves on this planet.

True, but we must remember that expensive is a relative term. If we calculate the resources this Earth has to offer, we will realize that the discovered reserves are so much that we can go on for another millennium at this rate and possibility is we will have access to another planet half way before we get there.

But are we an expensive species? A common man today survives at USD 10/day and there are many who live much below the poverty line at less than USd 1/day. Compare this to raising a lion who will eat USD 30/day worth meat alone. This is other than its nutritions, vitamin dozes, treatments and costs of managing the beast in terms  of the man hours.

Yet nature sustains every bacteria on the ocean floor, every snake in the desert, every lion in the savannah and for free. How hard is for you to maintain your lawn? Yet nature waters every tree on this earth.

We need to realize that there are enough resources on this earth, for everyone to capitalize on. We need to become humans and share, not become the beast who fight over their hunt thinking that there might not be one more out there for them tomorrow.. "

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