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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Heaven On Earth

" We all want to make this world a better place to live in, for ourselves and our children. We all want a world free from trials and tribulations, where there is no hunger, world peace prevails and we carry on with our luxurious and boundary less life, full of pleasantries and prosperity, without pain and in harmony.

This is the Utopia we dream of, the Heaven on Earth.

Ofcourse civilizations came and went by and realized that Utopia is only fiction and heaven will only be the paradise Allah has created for his believers after his death.

But the life of the Prophet (SAW) and Ahlulbayt (AS) has taught us that this world can be made paradise as well, by the will of Allah.

The Quran has said in Surah 15 and Ayah 47, that when entering paradise, Allah will root out whatever of rancor is in the breasts of believers against one another and they shall be as brothers.

The Quran has said in Surah 16 and Ayah 31 that in paradise, the believers shall have in them what they please.

So it is clear, that in Paradise, our hearts will be clean towards our brother, free from all negativities, envy, hatred, enmity, competition, backbiting. It is clear that in paradise, we will have whatever we please to have.

How are we then seeking to create our paradise in this world, when our hearts are full of diseases, such that Hz Ali (AS) had stated that had we known what is in our hearts for one another, we might not even bury the other on account of what was in their heart for us (and in ours for them).

It is clear that in paradise, the believers shall have whatever they desired. How are we then seeking to create our paradise in this world when our desires are against the will of Allah, and our desires are lowly?

Our paradise in this world does not lie in palaces of kings. It lies in the cleanliness of our heart and soul; sincerity with our dealings, un-biasness with our research, modesty in our lifestyle, originality and respect in our social dealings, and purity of our soul with utmost honesty.  It lies in accepting the will of Allah, because as Hz Ali (AS) said, when we pray to Allah and he accepts our prayers, it is a source of joy for us, and when he does not accept it, it is a bigger source of joy for us as he has selected for us something much better than what we could comprehend.

The day we start desiring the will of Allah, we will start to accept the outcome of every moment of our life with a smile. No matter what happened to us, with us, was with the will of Allah and if it pleases him, then he is worthy to be pleased.

No wonder paradise existed within the house of Prophet (SAW), where the hearts were purified (from Rijs), and where the will of Allah was accepted even under arrows and spears (in Kerbala). "

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