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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Athletics Of Faith

" Every man when pushes his body to the limits, is fatigued and needs time to recover. A fat man when runs will be out of breath and so will an athlete. It is a natural reaction of the body to the physical fatigue. But there is a difference between the athlete and non-athlete. The time taken to recover or normalize the breathing pattern by an athlete will be much lesser than a non-athlete.

Similarly, every man when touched by affliction will feel sorrow and depressed, it is a natural reaction to affliction. But a believer who has truly put his trust in Allah and accepts the will of Allah in all times, not by just words but by the truth of his intentions, will recover from this fatigue much quicker than some one who only trusts Allah by saying Inshallahs and Mashallahs.

Next time you gauge your spiritual strength by the time you required to recover, not only from loss or sorrow but also from gains and victory, because both are temporary.

That is why Mawla Ali (AS) said that there are 2 types of days in a person's life, one is in his favor and one is not, so thank for the day which was in your favor because it shall pass for another day to come, and be patient for the day which was not in your favor because it too shall pass for another day to come.

If we realize that everything is from Allah, and whatever happens is but by his will, and he is closer to us than our aorta, if we truly realize this, then nothing will bother us or make us insecure in our life, other than our own sins.

When Ibn Abbas (RA) advised Imam Hussain (AS) from going to Kufa for he feared that he (AS) will be killed, the Imam (AS) better aware of the political situation, his condition as the Imam and his commitments to the Prophet (SAW) answered "I seek the best choice from God and will see what transpires". Similarly when Umar bin Abdal Rahman (RA) advised Imam (AS) of his concerns regarding the Imam's (AS) safety in Kufa, the Imam (AS) replied, "By God I know that you have offered sincere advice and have spoken with intelligence. Whatever is decreed to happen will happen whether I pay heed to your advice or not."

Remember how attractive athletes are, how rich and glamorous they are, how well trained they are with a strict life style? That is the difference between an athlete and a common man. "

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