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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Islam's Obsolescence

" Mankind has advanced and man was not as primitive as he was 1400 years ago. We do not live in caves anymore, we do not take 5 months to perform Hajj. Our travel is not limited to this earth and we now understand how this universe works. The internet and electricity are only small marvels of our progress as mankind.

A thought comes as to why would we still need Islam or the Quran or Prophetic (SAW) teachings. Prophet (SAW) came to take out mankind from the darkness of ignorance but now that the earth is a global village and societies are more advanced, enlightened and sophisticated than ever before, I am beginning to think that Islam has started to become obsolete.

After all, Nations like the USA have not legalized and accepted homosexuality, Muslims in India are not killed because of slaughtering of cows, Minorities in Pakistan are not killed because of their religion, Muslims are not killed in Mosques by Muslims, Muslims do not kill their children of fear of poverty or over gender preferences (the same way Prophet (SAW) raised his crown jewel and only daughter Janab Zahra (AS) in a society which buried daughters alive), ISIS is not throwing off people from building roof tops (the same way Janab Muslim bin Aqeel (AS) was martyred days before Kerbala in Kufa) and our Scholars do not issue Kufr Fatwas on other Muslims (the same way Imam Hussain (AS) was labeled a traitor by the scholars and state then, and thus the permissibility of his blood). After all, we do not mistreat orphans and poor, we do not earn riba and we do not commit adultery.  "

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