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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Where Did Jihad Go?

" I often wondered why was there an emphasis on Jihad. Allah had ordered nations to fight in his way. The people of Musa (AS) were commanded to fight, Daud (AS) and Sulaiman (AS) fought, Talut (AS) fought, Zulqurnain (AS) fought, Prophet (SAW) commandeered Ghazwas and was nearly martyred at Uhud.

Allah's justice is such that it does not need a judge. We ourselves know in how deep waters we are. Because spirituality is focused on the latents, faith has to be tested to check the fundamentals of the words spoken. I can recite the Kalimah which is harmless, but am I willing to bow down in Salat before Allah? I perform Salaat which is harmless and does not ask me of anything by my 5 minutes, but am I willing to feed the orphan and the poor? Feeding the orphan and the poor is harmless and does not ask me of anything more than a 1000 rs, but am i willing to fight in the way of Allah? Now I will begin to think.

It is in nature, that all living organisms retaliate to threats. Some run away in burrows, some change colours to hide in camouflage, some pretend to be dead to escape the threat, some hiss and confront with the aim to dilute the aggression while some ferociously defend themselves. However, the only thing common in all classifications of living things is that as a last resort, when no other means are available to avoid the threat, from the weak and small to the big and powerful, they fight. Even a harmless and cuddly cat when cornered or caught, will press its nail and teeth in your flesh to attempt to escape, because that is the value and importance it gives to life as it knows it.

God Forbid, if you are cornered in a street by some robbers who point a gun at you and ask you for your cellphones, you will hand them over to them. Because you do not believe that the cell phone is worth fighting for, worth your lives. But If under the same scenario they ask for your sister or your son, then you might just throw yourselves on them because then killing or dieing will make sense.

Conviction is worth dieing for. Only those believers will fight, when called upon for, who will believe in Allah and the last day.

It is another matter what is Jihad, who calls for it and what is our duty as muslims. It is truly depressing to see that Jihad has been taken up by terrorists and the scholars are downplaying Jihad by limiting it to fighting against one's own nafs only.

No wonder the sorry state of affairs for the Muslim communities continue from Philippines to Nigeria.  "

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