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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Need To Be Happy

" I have just stated in the Proposition Guard Your Mode Of Transaction, that Cash, paper money, healthy bank accounts, is not our need, our need was and is good health, good food, good women, good houses, good lifestyle. Money and all that is an equivalent to it is only a means of satisfying our needs. This is true in the context of that proposition.

We will continue to acquire money till we buy a big house so that we can enjoy it to become happy. But soon it becomes a norm for us and our happiness needs a new kick. We acquire more money till we manage to travel the world because that makes us happy. Once that is achieved, our happiness takes us elsewhere. 

Maslow in his pyramid argued that the basic need of a human is physical satisfaction (food, coitus), after satisfying which he needs security (long term security), after satisfying which he needs love and belonging (friends, lovers, family), after satisfying which he needs esteem (self respect, confidence), after satisfying which he reaches the top of the pyramid which is self actualization (or realizing he has a higher purpose).

Let us take this one step forward. We all will agree that our need is also, not health, food, women, houses, lifestyle, but our emotional or psychological wellbeing, our happiness. I would like to argue, that the pyramid is varying, as long as the ladder leads to the one true need, happiness.

Happiness is a man's eventual need.

That is what Allah has promised us, Surah 30 Ayah 15 states that those who believed and did good, they shall be made happy in a garden.

We strive to do what makes us happy. As long as we link our happiness to economic gains, we will do everything possible in our power to satisfy it. We will play football if it makes us happy. We will plot someone's downfall if seeing them in pain makes us happy.

We might have to fight our nature to link our happiness with loving others, helping others, giving to others, but it is a feeling like no other.

We were taught in school to be "As happy as a lark". What we were not taught was that all a lark needed to be happy was a little bit of fresh air and a little bit of love.

Link your happiness with the smaller things in life, with the laughter of your sons and daughters, with the decisions of destiny and their acceptance, and you will never have to face the agony of greed, lust, envy and desire.

Mawla Ali Asghar (AS), the infant of Ahlulbayt (AS), linked his happiness with helping the Imam of his time. No wonder he (AS) smiled when struck by an arrow in Kerbala. "

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