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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Purpose To Existence

" Every human being in this world has been gifted with an energy from his creator. This energy is eventually converted into actions by the free will of that person.

The young are energetic and are willing to blow themselves in mosques and Imambargas. This is because their energy was harvested by the shaitaans of the time. The truth is that every individual wants to utilize their energy and accomplish something in life, and everyone in their life is dedicating their time and resources to fulfill the purpose.

Unfortunately most do not have a direction in their life. Not every one realizes the purpose of their existence.

I came accross two brothers, one had to work abroad to earn bread and butter while the other had no option but to stay back home and take care of his parents. The brother at home felt dejected, until he realized that it was his duty to take care of his old parents and that is how God had wanted it to be for him.

It is Allah's to take whatever work from whosoever's hands. The purpose for every life today must not be equally grand and divine. But the purpose is to realize the purpose of our very own creation and once we serve that purpose, big or small, mission is accomplished and we will fulfill ourselves.

As the Quran states in [28:68] that Allah creates what He will and chooses (for His tasks) whomsoever He will. It is not for them to make the choice.

Allah chose for Risalat, for Imamat, for Shahadat, for Ismat. Allah chose the princes of paradise. Allah chose he (SAW) who would be given Kausar. Allah chose who would be given the flag of Khaiber. It is not for you and  i to select. We can call any one a martyr but it is for Allah to choose for his tasks. We can call any one an Imam but it is for Allah to choose for his tasks.

Allah has chosen you and me for a purpose. And if we are lucky enough we will realize it and fullfill it one day by his will. Whatever that purpose is, it is for sure that it will not be disconnected from the remembrance of Allah, and from giving away constructively to the society and to the people around us because Allah has kept satisfaction in these two conducts. Remember Allah in good times and bad times, and give to society even if it is a smile to a beggar.   "

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