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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Chief Of Believers

" Allah has created everything in this world, but no two things are equal. Man is superior to jinns, but there are men who excel others. Prophets are superior to a comman man, but then no two prophets are equal, and some of them are exalted by many degrees of rank as Quran 2:253 states.

Allah has created the shaitans and deceivers but then there is also an "arch-deceiver". Allah has created angels and they are also ranked.

As all of Allah's systems have a very clear hierarchy in place; there are prophets and then there is the Chief of all Prophets (SAW), there are devils and then there is the arch deceiver Iblis (the cursed), there are angels and then there is the angel (Jibrael (AS)) enmity against who is enmity with Allah himself. 

It is the system of Allah, that there will always be leadership, and that the best amongst the rest must always be endowed with it. As Talut (AS) was granted kingship over the people as he had possessed knowledge and physique not comparable with the others. Similarly, all prophets of their time were the best amongst all the people of that time, in terms of piety, knowledge and conviction in Allah.

As man had learnt from the birds and the animals around him, man has also learnt from the systems of nature and that is why today every corporate entity has an organization chart, where there are employees at different management tiers, earning different salary packages, having different responsibilities.

If the most experienced most competent is not at the top of the organogram, the organization simply crumbles on its own weight of incompetency. This is because it goes against the nature of the systems Allah has created, where the best must always be at the top.

The same can be seen in sports. If the captain of the team is not one of the best player of the team, or has not performed well over a long period of time, it becomes very hard for the team to obey the command of its captain simply because the team starts to challenge the right of the captaincy.

That is why when Rasool (SAW) was to give the flag at Khayber on whose hands Allah would bestow victory, the flag bearer must have been the best in his love for Allah and his Rasool (SAW), and must have also excelled in receiving the love of Allah and his Rasool (SAW).

It is for this reason that leadership has been an important and integral part of Islam, that even today, there are Muslim groups combating globally in piece meals, to establish their own leadership. It is also for this reason that the largest divide in Islam today lies in the acceptance of leadership after Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The people realized that the Muslim chief will drive the course of Islamic history.

Not arguing on who the best was, after Prophet (SAW), in his nobility, chivalry, knowledge, bravery, eloquence, piety, and nearness to Prophet (SAW) for it is clear to sincere students of history.

However the question is, that if there are prophets and there is their chief, there are devils and there is their chief, there are angels and there is their chief, there are also believers and there must be their chief, or Imam ul Mutaqeen (leader of the pious).

Not realizing our chief today, or wrongfully giving the position of the chief of believers to an incompetent, will crumble our system as it is encoded in nature to do so.  "

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