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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Regression Required

This paper is a submission by Shaazia Faiz.
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" In the face of current religious, rather hyper-religious situation in the country, and the flourishing trend of sectarian violence, we shall determine what the root of this difference is. Where does this problem originate from?

You maybe a Shia, Sunni or Wahabi. You may have a long grown beard, or a small one, or none. You may pray with hands by your sides or wrapped in front. That’s not important. What really matters is whether your inner sense, the sense of right or wrong - your conscience- the basis of superiority of man as ashrafulmakhlooqat- is well satisfied or not.

Though all believe in one God and Prophet Muhammad (SAW), how do these hateful feelings erupt?

Think about it. Each one of us as a child is taught to say the truth, respect others, give them their rights, fulfill promises. In short, we are all nurtured to behave well and pray to God only. Then what happens through these years is that we grow up to hate each other, labeling some as infidels on one hand, declaring few bound-to-be-killed on other. We are conditioned to not believe in God’s existence rather depend on ourselves and our seniors for promotions, paying them heavy benefits for that. Lying, which was the biggest sin back in childhood, with years becomes an essential part of our lives. We are taught that we go in to Allah’s bargaah five times each day, we still fearlessly ‘attend to’ our prayers and get back to our usual wrongs.

We were growing up right and then we went wrong some where in between our innocent childhood and corrupt maturity. Let us go, regress back to our basics and save ourselves the loss incumbent on those who spread hatred, fitnah and ignorance. "

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