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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Forgiven Sect

" How foolish is a man that he cannot see the obvious truth? We are arguing with one another to prove that we are correct, that we are on the right path and thus are the forgiven and the selected sect.

We quote ahadith in our favor and we believe that of the 73 sects we are the chosen ones (if that hadith is indeed sahih). Every muslim does this.

But we ignore the obvious truth, that in my grave, when the angels come, they will not find my sect there. They will find me there, and I am comprised of my faith, my beliefs, my intentions, my choices, my actions, my smallest of good deed, my smallest of evil deed.

Most surely Allah's promise is true, and in Surah Asr (103) he has promised that we all will be in loss, except he who has all 4 components; who believe, do good, tell others to do good and are patient. If a shia falls in this definition then he shall be in profit, and if a sunni falls in this definition, then so shall he.

Allah says in the Quran 14:49 that all the guilty will be gathered together and linked in chains. Quran in 17:71 also state that every one will be called upon with their imam or leader in Qayamah. The guilty will be with the guilty, the wretched with the wretched, those whose actions imitated the insolence of the Pharaoh shall stand with him and those who bury their daughters alive or kill them afterwards shall be in one group, IRRESPECTIVE of their religion and sect.

My sect will therefore be not who i claimed to be but who I actually was. If i claimed to be a Shia of Ali, but my activities and actions resembled more to that of Mawiya or Yazeed (of alcohol, plundering of public property, murder) then I will be raised with them. If i claimed to be a sunni, but my actions reflected those of the nation of Lut (AS), in other words if i was a homosexual (mind you many cases of child molestation and abuse by Mullahs have been verified) then I will be raised with the people of Lut (AS) who will be destroyed in both worlds.

The success shall only be for the sect (group) of Muhammad (SAW), who shall stand with him (SAW), the muslims, who protected the life, honor and property of fellow muslims, who did not innovate in matters of deen, who took care of the Quran and the Ahlulbayt (AS) as per his (SAW) last wishes, who strive for knowledge and struggle to constructively contribute to the society, who feed the poor and the orphans like he (SAW) did, who take care of their old parents and support their poor relatives, who give zakat, khums and charity, who take care of their prayers and guard against evil, who fight only in his name and these shall be the forgiven sect.. "

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