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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Spending In Allah's Way; Truly Treasure-able

"Allah is he who waters the earth and feeds the cattle. Every living creature in the universe finds its sustenance wherever Allah has destined it to be. This is Allah to whom belong all the treasures of the heaven and the earth.

How can then we be followers of this king if we are niggardly in spending in his way? To spend in Allah's way challenges ones faith. Because we think that once we spend, we might not get more. Maybe there is no treasure left in Allah's trunk or maybe he will not give us more out of his will. It is this fear and lack of faith and Tawaqal in Allah which leads us to niggard-ness. Can we stop Allah if he plans to take away our wealth from us? 

Materialism is the true enemy of Islam. Therefore, people who opposed Rasool (SAW) since the beginning, were mostly the ones who did not want to spend in the way of Allah, who wanted to gather wealth by means of gambling, theft and riba (interest), who wanted to do profitable businesses of alcohol and weaponry, who were rich and did not wanted to spend to free their slaves and make them equals.

The Muslim agitation during the time of Khulfa-Rashida was due to the unfair distribution of wealth. Imam Ali's struggle against Mawiya was partly due to the accountability of the public treasure he plundered.

Why don't we realize that our bundled wealth is of no avail to us if it is not by halal means and if it does not help others. I have seen people spend millions on their health just to stay alive and I have seen mediocres and poors enjoy the bounties of a healthy life.

What is the worth of money? As the fable goes, a wise man asked a king what will he give in return for a glass of water if all the water in this world had finished and he was thirsty in the heat of the sun? The King replied, half his kingdom. Then the wise man asked, what will the king give in return for urinating healthily and naturally if he had such a disease which painfully prohibited the king from doing so? The king replied, the other half of his kingdom.

This is the truth. The kingship of this world is not even worth two drops of liquids. "

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