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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Hierarchy In Tauheed

"Belief in Tauheed is nothing but putting things in their true perspective, the only perspective that Allah is great and nothing comes before him.

The prophets rejected the people and went away from their families and friends who rejected the message, and brought near the people from far away lands who accepted supremacy of Allah in all affairs.

Allah has created relationships and hierarchies in this world where people are empowered to do anything which they mutually agree upon. A husband and wife is one such a relationship wherein they are allowed everything as they both are pleased with. They still have to stay away from each other for a specific time (every month) because Allah has decreed so. A powerful king can take lives and give wealth, yet he is to practice impartiality. Parents are to be followed until they oppose Allah. Therefore there is not a dominion in our lives wherein Allah's supremacy is not reflected. We give respect to this supremacy or not is another issue.

Allah can be disobeyed by free will and this cannot diminish his kingdom one atom. The magic of his tauheed is that there is no compulsion in it. He who thinks sincerely will always be forced by intellect to believe in his tauheed and willfully give in to Allah's orders. And when one truly believes and understands the Tauheed of Allah, he will understand that all hierarchies begin with his Supremacy. Only then will man never be afraid of his opponents, his destiny, of failures, of time, because he understands that the will of Allah shall always prevail.

As Quran 33:39 states, those who fear Allah do not fear anything else. Why should we fear then when Allah is sufficient for a protector?

This is the reason that despite all the indications shown to Imam Hussain (AS) and advice he (AS) got from his associates against going to Kufa, Imam (AS) said that Allah was sufficient for him. And that is why he (AS) did not need food or water, sons or brothers. That is why numbers and death did not scare the son of Mustafa (SAW), because he understood that supremacy belonged to Allah who has treasures of both worlds.

In the hierarchy of Tauheed, the highest is the fear of Allah, and the lowest no-existent element is the fear of everything else which is in Allah's control. "

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