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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Adjudging; Necessary For Making Quality Relations

"Allah is just and his adl will always prevail (Inshallah). If our opinions and beliefs do not coincide with his justice we will definitely be one of the losers in both worlds.

If we send the Rehmat of Allah on someone he has cursed or disliked, such as the Pharoah or Abu Lahab, does it mean that Allah will send his Rehmat on them because we prayed so? Definitely not. Similarly, if we curse (nauzubillah) the people Allah has sent his mercy upon, such as the prophets, then will our curse not be returned back to us only?

Therefore our opinions matter only for us and our end. We do not hold any authority to send anyone to heaven even if the person was extremely spiritual and pious in all context. We do not hold any authority to assign anyone to hell even if he be the devil in human form. We do not even hold any authority to make anyone a martyr even if the person died for a noble cause per our perception. Does any one of us know what happens in and after the grave other than what limited knowledge has been departed to us by Prophet (SAW) in this regard? All of these rights belongs to the one who had given us the right to free will, Allah.

Why then do we all have a tendency to judge the people around us, and the people who lived before us? As believers, it is our duty to support the haq and reject the baatil, to love the believers and cut off from the disbelievers. It is therefore only natural to judge. We must remember that this judging is only for our own betterment and not for adjudging anyone else's destiny to hell or heaven.

A man must judge anyone before he makes a relationship with them. We are to investigate the behavior and attitude of a man before befriending him. Will we befriend an adulterer and a drunkard if our faith is of the highest level? We are to investigate the piety of a man or woman before making them our spouse. Our rejection on the basis of our investigation does not mean that this rejected person (who we refuse to befriend or make our spouse) will go to hell, because that is for Allah to decide. It only means that our level of faith does not make us tolerate the company of such people because of their disobedience to Allah or his Rasool (SAW) in one regard or the other, ranging from extravagance to immodesty to intolerance to disrespect for elders etc.

Therefore, if we reject the company or following of the good, we are surely in loss, loss of desirable company and the fruits such a company would have reaped in form of correction of our own values and nafs which would have been inspired from such a company or following. If we accept the love of the wicked, they will surely attract us to their wickedness blinding us in differentiating the good from evil because our love and emotions for them would eventually supercede our intellect and thus our lack of distinguishing the two opposites.

We must realize that Allah did not adjudge the pharoah or abu lahab or nimrod or iblees alone. In his curse, disgust and dislike for these personalities, Allah has showed his disgust and curse for all that these personalities have stood for; materialism, Kufr, shirk, lies, arrogance, envy, opposition to the Prophets, cruelty, murder, vanity etc.

Therefore, before we make any relationship in life, be that of friendship, of matrimony, of love, we must judge for our own sake the purity of the ones we want the relationship with.

Those who want to make a relationship with yazeed and his fore fathers are the ones who love and send rehmat on Yazeed (the impure), but they cannot make his impurity go away, rather only share the impurity. Similarly those who hate Imam Ali (AS) cannot take away his wilayat or mawlayat, rather only be away from the way of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

As the Quran says in [4:85], those who join themselves to others in a cause, shall have a share of it.

Therefore before we join ourselves to others, we must adjudge and make sure with true intentions that our joining them results in the mercy of Allah, and not his wrath. "

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