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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The "God" Particle

"What mass is to matter, piety is to a person. As every mass has its gravitational pull, every piety also has its pull for Allah's guardianship.

The Higgs Boson is on the verge of scientific proof and particle physics will finally gel together to make sense. Also known as the "God" particle, it will explain why matter actually has mass.

Where the God particle of physics explains its mysteries, there must surely be a religious God particle as well, one which brings man closer to God, and understanding of his will, which may explain why a man has piety.

Because it is only theoretical, we may argue that the god particle of religion may either be piety itself, fear of god, salat, zakat or any of the other ibadaats. However, one way of thinking can also be that all of these forms of ibadaats are an effect of the God particle, and not the cause. Can you really challenge that if Allah did not will to guide you, would you be performing these ibadaats in the first place?

This God particle can be found in one of Prophetic traditions. Rasool (SAW) said that cleanliness is half of faith. I do not know what the other half is maybe, but i do know that two halves (2 x 1/2) make a whole. If cleanliness (physical) is one half of faith, then surely cleanliness (spiritual) of intentions is the other half.

Maybe that is why a muslim is groomed to clean himself physically via wudu (atleast 03 (or 05) times a day) and spiritually via giving of charity and sincerity of intentions.

The Quran has declared insincerity and hypocrisy (9:125), idols (22:30), the idolators (9:28), intoxicants and gambling (5:90), and the shaitan himself (8:11) as unclean.

Therefore Allah also cleaned his chosen servants, the Ahlulbayt (AS), from all rijs (33:33) and provided us with a group of role models, clean, from different age groups and genders, to be followed to attain cleanliness. 

Allah himself is paak, His rasool (SAW) is paak, his Ahlulbayt (AS) too are clean (pure). How can then any unclean be near the clean?

Our struggle must be to achieve completion of faith. That feeling of completion will be the same feeling of cleanliness when one visits the roza-e-rasool (SAW) as a sinner and bows down his head in hopes that the messenger of Allah will pray to Allah for his repentance to be accepted."

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