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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Subsidy of Heaven

" Man's preaching and action rectification is only until he himself is dragged into it. He believes that he is the only one worthy of paradise. 

Misguidance blinds a man. The truth is, paradise is so expensive that it cannot be afforded by any individual, no matter how rich he is, spiritually and piously.

Paradise is only for those, for whom Allah has subsidized it. Do you think man can earn paradise solely  on his own actions and faith?

Were it not for Allah, who subsidized paradise through his trait of forgiving and mercy, multiplication of good deeds ten times and intercession of his chosen ones, God's paradise would have been abundant with silence and solitude.

Glory be to him who has done all for man to achieve the ultimate goal. Woe to him, who still manages to get himself distracted with worldly affairs. Verily man is entangled with his own affairs and fails to capitalize on the subsidy provided to him, a man jealous, ungrateful, arrogant and disbeliever. "

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