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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Sign For Those Who Reflect; A Helpless Man

"In some of the earlier propositions, emphasis was made as  to what is the role of destiny (and Allah's plans) in a man's life, yet many argued that I was undermining free will. This is not the case. It is my will to write this proposition today, yet it was driven by an idea which was not in my control. I chose to pay heed to that idea and that is what my free will is.

However, this is not a fate vs free will debate. No doubt man is given free will by Allah which makes him accountable for all of his actions and intents, but not for his ideas.

So we are talking about free will? Man loves to think that he can control everything. Although there are some who believe that destiny also plays a part and thus they think that they control only partially, it is time for man to really realize the level of control he has?

For starters, as mighty a king maybe, as rich a pharaoh maybe, as much as a man thinks he can control the affairs of others, by using his might, money, influence; he cannot even control the time as to when he has to answer the call of nature, when it comes it comes, when it doesn't, it wouldn't. This is the true position of man, yet man is arrogant because of "his" achievements.

It is the same man who cannot even wake up from his own sleep on his own. It is funny how he thinks he is self sufficient and in control of his affairs. Only if a man can understand how next to impossible it is for a sleeping man to wake up, yet he does that miracle almost every day.

Allah has stated in the Quran [39:42] that he takes away the soul of all men when they sleep, and in it is a sign for those who reflect, the men of understanding who think.

Maybe that is why Mawla Ali (AS) said that the only night when he slept the most, in comfort and with surety that he will wake up the next morning, was on the bed of his master, Rasool (SAW), surrounded by enemy swords, at the night of Hijrat; because Rasool (SAW) had instructed him (AS) to return the Imanats of the people of Mecca the next morning, Mawla Ali (AS) was sure that he will be able to wake up the next morning because Rasool (SAW) had instructed him to run the errands that morning.

What is the sign Allah is talking about in the taking away of souls of all men by Allah when they sleep? Maybe, the sign is realization of helplessness of man, and how little gratitude he shows to him who returns his soul back after every sleep.

Only he can be truly grateful to Allah, who realizes what he was 10 years ago, and what he is today. "

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