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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Planning A Life

"When an animal is given birth to, it is weak. It relies on its mother for nourishment and protection and follows her everywhere because that is his only chance of survival. Once the animal grows and becomes strong, independent, it thinks that now it can take on anything. That is the reason some animal's even turn man-eaters, they become so strong and vicious that they think nothing can stop them now. Naturally they did not plan their end the way they met it (bullet to the head perhaps).

We humans are not different. As soon as we gain strength, power and money, we start taking control of things and we plan for the future. We start making plans for materialistic gains, for fame, for ruining someone else's life to achieve happiness, for fulfilling our own stubbornness and biasness.

What is ironic  is, that we literally plan for everything in life; good education, good job, amazing career, big wedding. And these plans would have worked, if we did control the millions of variables which controlled everything around us. Unfortunately, we have no control and the smallest of the variable has the largest of impacts on the turn of events. Remember the butterfly effect?

The pharoah never realized that even after killing 40 thousand newborns, the promised savior (Musa (AS)) will be raised in his own house under his nose. The people of Lut (AS) could not even think that technically an asteroid shower would wipe off their complete nation. The people of Nuh (AS) could not in the wildest of their imaginations think of the scale and magnitude of the flood. All of these cursed kings and nations had their plans, for more lust and greed, for opposition to the messengers. None of their plans worked.

The reason is simple. Quran in various places including [13:42] states that all planning belongs to Allah. And rightly so, because he controls all the variables, which we cannot even think of.

Iblees planned to destroy mankind by leading him to sin. Allah countered it through allowing repentance and sending prophets for guidance. Abu Sufyan, the Kuffars and the quraysh planned to eliminate Muhammad (SAW) from the earth, making fun of him for having no sons and thus no successor. Today, as per Allah's plan, Muhammad's (SAW) name is taken in every Azaan. The Ummayads planned their best to eliminate Hussain (AS) and his followers and their mission. Little did they know what Hussain's (AS) 6 month old did to destroy all of their plans by the will of Allah.

As Imam Ali (AS) has said, that he has recognized his God by the force which changed his plans, before or during its practical implementation.

We have all planned thousands of things in our lives, yet very few are lucky, to achieve very few of those plans. The truth is, they achieved nothing, it was their destiny to bring them to what they achieved.

It is only wise, to pray that, THE PLANNER, Allah is on our side, and that we accept his plans and decisions. If we groom ourselves such, grief on failures and (apparent) losses and happiness on success would become insignificant, for they would both be a part of Allah's plans, who knows and has planned bigger and better things for the believers than they could ever imagine.

Want to plan something? Plan an escape route from Allah's accountability. "

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