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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Worth The Accountability

"Every man today tries to cash in, what he and his skills, experience and expertise are worth. A simple technician may earn ten thousand rupees a month, an engineer ten times, and a CEO, another ten times.

Just like every man has a worth, every item also has a worth. A soccer player may be willing to pay five thousand rupees for soccer shoes, and not even a thousand rupees for a wrist watch, because in his life style, the soccer shoes would mean more than a wrist watch. On the other hand, people who have an infatuation with wrist watches are willing to pay even millions for an outstanding piece because it is worth their passion.

In our lives, we all go that extra mile, for the things which are worth it. An early sleeper will make sure he stays awake till 2 am because his favorite TV show or sports tournament will be aired live. That struggle to stay awake is worth it. Similarly, a woman will be willing to sell her modesty in the name of fashion (models) to make more money, because to them, that money is worth it.

You and me may not do something wrong for one thousand rupees because we are from well off families and that wrong deed is not worth it, but maybe, we may change our mind when the stakes are raised and we are offered tens of millions of rupees for the same wrong doing. Maybe it will be worth doing that at that price.

It is all a matter of our priorities, our passion and what worth we give to what.

Because we do not really understand the difference between this life and the next, we usually misplace the true worths of things in our life.

We give more time to our jobs than to our loved ones. We give more worth to our money than to the way it has been earned. We give more worth to our beards than to our piety.

We all forget what is the true worth of this life. As Imam ul Mutaqeen, Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS) said, that even if he (AS) was given heaps of gold as high as the mount of Uhud, and he was told to steal a grain from the mouth of an ant, he will not do so.

Allah knows, and his believers know, the true worth of accountability, and the true worth of protecting the rights and giving the rights to the rightful, to the animals, family and friends, colleagues and peers around us.

Stealing a grain from the ant maybe worth it given mountains of gold, but the accountability before the might of Allah, the fear which will accompany it, and the fire which engulfs all light, is definitely not worth it. "

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