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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

More Than Imagination

"A goat is a very interesting animal. During Eid Ul Adha, even when its friends and family are being slaughtered all around, they are busy enjoying their food and have no sense of what is about to happen to them.

That is because they don't only lack a sense of realization, they have limited exposure to life and its meaning, and they take things for granted. Because its owners constantly feed it food and water every day, it expects it to be a daily part of its life, something which is bound to happen every day. Maybe that is the meaning of life to them. And maybe it does not appreciate it just as we don't, the everyday happenings of our routine life, which are bound to happen; ; like the sun rise, and our heart beat, our blinking and our breathing. 

Only when the sun will stop to rise, or our heart beats start to skip, we realize how much we have been blessed with at every living moment of our life, and how little we have given thank for.

When we look at the beautiful world around us, and imagine about all the possibilities, we will realize that we have been given by destiny, luxuries and bounties more than our limited brains could ever imagine for or pray for.

When a person is a child, he can only pray for more, bigger and better toys, because that is only what he has been exposed to. At that point, he does not pray for better grades as he does not realize its importance in his life. When he grows up and is exposed to the stresses of peers and school life, he prays accordingly, and does not pray for a big house, an amazing job or a beautiful wife. When graduates and struggles in a professional career, he does not pray for the long life of his parents. When he marries, he does not pray for pious children. It is irony that when he enters old age and sees his grave, he prays for his own repentance, which may have been a 35 year too late.

Despite this, Allah out of his own will, wisdom and love, has given that child, today, more than bigger and better toys, and that student, more than good grades, and that employee, more than a good job.

That child has been the past of each and everyone of us. Only when we are exposed to different parts of life, do our sense of realization change and our desires alter. But even before we realize the need of bricks to build a road ahead to take us somewhere, destiny has already prepared a path for us to walk on, which we take for granted and do not appreciate and at some point in time, wrongfully think that we had planned to create this path ourselves.

The truth is, that we all will always have a path infront of us to walk on. We should just hope that that is the path of those on whom Allah has bestowed his favors, and not of those who earned his wrath.  "

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