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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

As Free As Life

"A tiger will always roar, a dog will always bark, an eagle will always fly, an owl will always hunt at night and a taylor bird will always build nests. It is in their nature to do so and they do not have a choice to evade their nature. But man, Allah has created man with a gift, a gift of choice.

It is true that I am today, what my society and my surroundings have nurtured me with and wanted me to be, but the fact remains that it was my choice to follow my society and my peers and allow them to mould my beliefs and character for me, when I had the choice to be anything I wanted to be, and to choose what i felt was the right thing to choose.

Our choice is our freedom and it is worth dieing for. Imam Hussain (AS) chose to holdfast onto the rope of Allah and not give in to the demands of a tyrant. The Imam (AS) thought of what the tyrant could do at most? Kill his brothers and sons? Arrest his wives and daughters? The Imam (AS) allowed the tyrant to kill his flesh and blood, but did not allow the tyrant to kill his (AS) freedom, his (AS) choice. No matter what the impure tyrant, son of impure, did, he did not succeed in taking Bayt from the Prince of Paradise (AS). The Imam (AS) knew he would be killed (before he started his journey from Medina); the ummayads planned to kill him inside a room (reference to the governor's demand of Bayt in Medina), but the Imam chose to be slain on a battlefield, in front of the world.

We today fight for our freedom from governments, in Kashmir, Palestine, but it is ironic that we are not free from our own desires and from the temptations of the Satan. We are not free from fear and we are afraid to stand up to our unjust and insolent bosses because we may lose our jobs, we are not free to be creative and innovative because we are afraid to fail, we are not even free to control our ownselves when it comes to greed and lust.

Yazeed (the cursed) took away Imam Hussain's (AS) life, but he could not take away Imam Hussain's (AS) life! Freedom (of choice) is another name for life and honor, for that is what God has given to us, and no man, no desire, no temptation, has the right to steal this from us, for we came from God, and to him shall we return, Inshallah. 

Our freedom, is our choice and no one else's. In a mood for a good joke? I have one for you. There comes a point in life when a child gets old enough that he is free to disobey the rational, experience and pious advice of his parents, yet he is never old enough to be free to challenge what his clerics and zakireens teach him. Get it?"

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