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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Man vs Wild

"When a Cheetah hunts its prey, it tries to rush and grab it in his jaws and get up on a tree with it, trying to ensure that other predators and scavengers do not steal it away. Similarly, when a tiger hunts, it will not let any other predator come near it, and why should it when its the tiger's hard earned hunt? Similarly when crocodiles kill, a group of the reptiles attack the carcass, eating as big chunks of the kill as they can so that minimum of it can go into others stomach. There are also animals who kill their young ones when there is scarcity of food, so that the food that is available goes into their own belly and not in its children's. 

This is animal, lustful and hasty, who wants all of it for himself, maybe because he does not realize the abundance of the kingdom of Him who created everything in truth, measured.

Man shares, and gives to the orphan and needy, and gives out of his own property (Zakat and Khums), because man realizes that if Allah has given him something today, then Allah will surely give him something better tomorrow, man understands that the treasures of Allah do not empty in this world or the next, man believes that Allah's abundance increases with distribution of wealth and man can see that every creation which comes into this earth, brings its sustenance along with it.

Allah in his book has therefore accompanied the paying of poor rate along with establishing prayers in almost all verses, to see who is indeed a man and who turned out wild.

It is therefore not strange for the creator, to woe those who he created as a man, but they became vultures and bacteria, who rob and steal, and do not give to the poor, and cling onto their gold and silver and who frown at some one else's worldly successes, the exorbitant and the extravagant.  "

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