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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Competing With Your Own Peace

"There are two sorts of people, ones who want to compete with others, and ones who are always competed with.

Even in your professional career, you will come across people who want to compete with you, although it has nothing to do with the nature of the job. They will try to interrupt you, interfere in your work, make fun of you to humiliate you. This competition is nothing but a sign a envy, and envy is kufr. Why do I say that envy is kufr?

If someone has a luxurious house, big car, better job, better physique, extraordinary talent, then we must realize that these have been given to that person by Allah. Who are we to question it and to compete with it? If Allah wills, he will give us better than all of that, but our competition with such people on such basis is nothing short of envy and kufr.

Allah gave Adam (AS) caliphate. Who was Iblees to question it? On orders of Sajda to Adam (AS), Iblees started competing (comparison) with him (AS) by stating that Adam (AS) is only made of dust while he is made of fire (Quran [38:76]).

Similarly, Ibn Ishaq states in his Siratul Nabi that when Abu Jahal heard Prophet's (SAW) invitation, his face turned red and said that Muhammad (SAW) helps the orphans, and he (Abu Jahal) does the same, Muhammad (SAW) feeds the poor and he also does the same, then why has prophethood gone to Muhammad (SAW) and not to himself, specially when he is more richer and stronger in status? The next statement made Abu Jahal, Abu Jahal. Abu Jahal said that he will never believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (SAW), until a similar revelation is revealed to him. Who was Abu Jahl to compete with Muhammad (SAW) and start comparing his impure self with the prophet of prophets? Allah gave prophethood to Muhammad (SAW), end of story.

Allah has said his system is just and just is his system of rewards and punishment. What happens with the Abu Jahl's and Iblees's of today? They loose their peace of mind. In want of competition and envy, such people loose their satisfaction with what they have, their restlessness boils their blood and they forget enjoying and cherishing the bounties of Allah in their lives.

Next time if your cousin gets better grades than you, or your best friend marries a rich and handsome man, be happy for them, for it is what Allah has given them and you are no one to question it, rather than burning yourself in fire of envy, or competition, as I call and interpret it as. "

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